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Greg Smith Equipment Sales has been in business for over 33 years. We are recognized as an industry leader and trusted distributor for Car Lifts, Truck, Motorcycle and ATV Lifts, Alignment Machines, Tire Changer Machines, Wheel Balancers and much more. Search our website to see better understand our aggressive discount pricing structure on the absolute best quality of Auto Equipment in the Industry. You are only a phone call away from the most professional sales and service team in the Automotive Equipment Industry who also has eight brick and mortar locations throughout the United States.

Auto Lifts, Motorcycle, Alignment, ATV and Mid Rise Lifts

Car Lifts

Our customer service team will help you make the right decision when buying a car lift.  We have been supplying Auto Service shops with Car Lifts and Automotive Lift Accessories for over 30 years.

Greg Smith Equipment Sales is the exclusive master distributor of the Atlas® Brand, the most trusted name in Auto Equipment by Auto Service Companies worldwide. We are the industry leader in quality and affordable 4 Post, 2 Post, Truck and Scissor Car Lifts.

For decades Greg Smith Equipment Sales has been the go to for information and consultation on Car Lifts. We have a wealth of information available on our website and blog pertaining to every step in the decision making process on which Auto Lift is right for Automotive Service Companies or Home Car Enthusiasts. Our customer service team is recognized as an industry leader in providing the information you need to make the right choice.

The Automotive Lifts and Accessories

GSES has the the most affordable and highest quality auto lifts in the industry.  The Atlas Brand is recognized as the leading automotive lift in technology and build.

We have 8 brick and mortar locations across the USA that are fully stocked with products, parts and accessories. We have the most professional and knowledgeable salespeople and service people to assist you in choosing the correct Automotive Lifts for Auto Service Company or home Garage. When you call us for your Auto Equipment needs, we do not send you to a distributor or place an order with a another Car Equipment distributor. We ship directly from one of our 8 warehouses placed conveniently throughout the United States.

Motorcycle Lifts

ATV Lifts

Shop the highest quality and most affordable Motorcycle Lifts and ATV Lifts.

As the exclusive master supplier of the commercial grade Atlas® Automotive Equipment, we stock the Motorcycle and ATV Lifts, as well as, Bike Lift Accessories for both professional shop use and for Mr. Homeowner. For professional Auto Shops we have the lifting equipment and accessories you need to maintain and grow your Motorcycle Service customer base. For Bike owners we have the equipment to enable you to repair and service your Bikes. The Atlas® ATV series is also recognized as an essential piece of equipment for ATV and UTV owners across the US.

Alignment Lifts

Shop a great selection of Alignment Lifts and other Specialty Lifts including 4 Post Alignment Lifts and Alignment Scissor Lifts.

We carry a great selection of Alignment Lifts and other Speciality Equipment to fit your Auto Service needs. Our inventory includes 4 Post and Scissor Alignment Lifts capable of servicing all models of cars and pickup trucks with varying weights and multiple wheel base lengths. Choose from popular models like the Atlas® 414A 14,000 LB., the Atlas® 12ASL, or the Atlas® PX-16A for larger longer wheel based buses and service trucks.

Mid Rise Lifts

For those customers with restricted ceiling heights the Mid Rise Lift is a popular alternative to the 4 Post Car Lift or 2 Post Car Lift.

The Atlas® Brand Mid Rise Lift is a popular alternative to the 4 Post or 2 Post model for those customers with restricted ceiling heights. We stock the highest quality and most economically priced Mid Rises you will find in the USA. Shop our wide selection and see the difference in prices with NO DIFFERENCE in Quality (Greg Smith Equipment Sales) compared to those BIG NAME BRAND manufacturers.

Auto Lift Alignment Equipment

The Wheel Alignment Machine is the perfect choice for those customers who demand speed of setup and repeated accuracy in their 4 Wheel Alignment Machine System.

The Atlas® Wheel Alignment Machines and Atlas® Alignment Lifts are the perfect combination of superior quality and affordability. The Atlas Brand Alignment Equipment has incredible speed of setup and reliable repeatable accuracy in their 4 Wheel system. Atlas® offers several models, two models of heavy truck, as well as, alignment / lift combos.

Greg Smith Equipment Sales stocks hundreds of computer Wheel Balancers and other wheel alignment equipment in their locations located throughout the United States.

If you are tired of paying the ridiculously high prices for equipment sold by the RED BRAND company, shop the Atlas® Brand for better quality, value and customer service.

Tire Changer Machines

Greg Smith Equipment Sales stocks hundreds of Tire Changer Machines in their eight brick and mortar locations across the US.

Greg Smith Equipment Sales leads the way in offering a wide selection of Tire Changer Machines for the Professional Auto Service Shop as well as the home mechanic. We specialize in Car, Truck, and Motorcycle Tire Changers. We also stock a full line of Tire Changer Tools to service virtually any wheel that rolls down the road.
Shop tire changers at the lowest prices found online.

The Atlas® Tire Changers are designed to accommodate the heavy day to day use by Auto Service Companies and are priced competitively so these same professional features can be enjoyed by the home mechanic. Tire Machines from Atlas® are designed to work on both tires and wheel assemblies found on cars, heavy trucks, large farm equipment, earthmover equipment, golf carts, motorcycles, ATVs and UTVs.

Wheel Balancer Machines

Greg Smith Equipment Sales stocks hundreds of computer Wheel Balancers in their locations located throughout the United States. We have many different models of Atlas® Car Tire Balancers, Motorcycle, Truck Tire, and Wheel Balancer Accessories.

AtlasĀ® Automotive Equipment makes the best wheel balancer at the most competitive price.

Atlas® Automotive Equipment makes the excellent reliable computer wheel balancers and they are sold at the most competitive prices. We stock all of the repair parts and accessories necessary to keep you operating at maximum efficiency for many years to come. Atlas® equipment is simple to operate and easy to repair with "plug and play" parts.