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The 2 Post Car Lift is a primary necessity for the vehicle service industry. Inspecting the underside of a vehicle is a lot easier while standing under the car instead of looking up while lying on a creeper. Greg Smith Equipment Sales provides the highest quality Overhead 2 Post Lifts and Base Plate 2 Post Auto Lifts, at the most competitive prices in the Industry.

Automotive Service facilities around the world trust the Atlas Brand as an industry leader in 2 Post Car Lifts. Atlas Automotive Lifts are engineered and manufactured with only the highest quality materials and user friendly features.

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The Atlas Two Post Lift will immediately increase the productivity of your Automotive Service Shop. The two post car lift saves valuable diagnostic and repair time because the vehicle is lifted to the optimum working height. Your service team can diagnose vehicle issues and make needed repairs without lying on their backs. At GSES we consider ourselves partners of our Automotive Service Company Customers. You can be assured that we will provide you the highest quality Car Lifts, at the best prices, with the best customer service, fully stocked parts departments, knowledgeable sales and service team members, fast shipping times and much more.

About Overhead 2 Post Car Lifts and Baseplate 2 Post Car Lifts

There are two basic models to consider, a Baseplate 2 Post Lift or an Overhead 2 Post Lift. Both of these car lift models must be anchored into the concrete floor for proper stability.

When shopping for 2 Post Car Lifts you first need to measure the ceiling height of your garage to determine whether or not you have enough height to install an Overhead 2 post car lift.

Most customers with adequate ceiling height would opt for the Overhead 2 post lift because the overhead beam between the two columns provides slightly more stability. Auto Shops must also consider the amount of clearance you have in your garage. If you have a low ceiling clearance (normally under 11'5"), your best option for an above ground 2 post lift is a Baseplate Lift.

Overhead 2 Post Car Lifts vs. Baseplate 2 Post Car Lifts

A 2-Post Baseplate Auto Lift uses either super symmetric arm configuration or symmetric arm configuration to raise and lower the vehicle. The cover plate is located on the ground between the two columns and protects the equalization cables and hydraulic hose lines that go between the two columns. Although the steel cover plate sits very low to the ground, there is still a slight raised obstruction between the two columns that may be problematic when rolling a transmission jack or oil drain under the full length of the raised vehicle.

Two Post Overhead Lifts have a bar located between the top of each column through which the equalization cables and hydraulic hoses are routed. Because the hose and equalization cables are routed through this top support bar, the concrete garage floor between the two columns is free from obstruction. A flat garage floor makes it much easier to roll equipment between the columns and position under the raised vehicle. Overhead Lifts may be used with either symmetric arm configurations or asymmetric arm configurations or super symmetric arm configuration.

The bottom line is that a 10,000 lb. capacity Overhead 2-post lift offers better stability than a 10,000 lbs. Baseplate 2-post lift because the overhead bar between the vertical columns provides support to the top of both columns when the car is being raised or lowered.

As the vehicle (located between the two columns) is being raised or lowered, a lot of pressure is being transmitted to the (embedded) anchor bolts located on the back (or outside) of the vertical columns’ mounting plates. The Overhead Lift design transmits some of the pressure from the weight of the lifted vehicle from these anchor bolts to the bar between the columns as the vehicle is being raised.

Atlas® Elite 10X Overhead 2 Post Lift

What is The Difference Between Symmetric Arms and
Asymmetric Arms On a Two Post Lift?

Choosing the Right 2 Post Car Lift

  • Overhead 2-post Automotive Lift provides greater stability. The bar across the top helps add rigidity to the columns when lifting a vehicle.
  • If you want to work on a vehicle like a one-ton diesel dually with a load of pea gravel in the rear end we recommend the Atlas PV-10P or Atlas OH-10X.
  • If you operate a professional service shop with employees or own a pole barn and allow your neighbors and friends to operate your lift, we recommend you buy a little larger capacity two post lift.
  • We encourage you to call the professionals at Greg Smith Equipment to help you make the best decision when purchasing a two post car lift. We have sold tens of thousands of two post lifts in the last 33 years and can help answer any of your questions.

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    GSES Introduces New Atlas BP12000 12,000 LB. Baseplate Lift

    GSES Introduces New Atlas BP12000 12,000 LB. Baseplate Lift

    The Atlas BP-12000 is a commercial grade heavy duty 12,000 LB. capacity Two Post Baseplate Above Ground Lift. This above ground lift has over sized columns, symmetric three stage arms, and single point lock release.