Scissor and 4 Post Alignment Lift

There are 2 basic models of automotive shop alignment lifts; Atlas® 4 Post Alignment Lifts and Atlas® Scissor Alignment Lifts. Greg Smith Equipment Sales is the industry’s most trusted supplier of Atlas Auto Equipment and Alignment Lifts.

Atlas alignment equipment is engineered with the most cutting edge technology while being priced below its competitors. Give our knowledgeable staff a call with any questions about your automotive equipment needs.

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4 Post Alignment Lifts

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The four post models are more popular than scissor alignment lift model because they cost less. Both scissor and four post alignment lifts accomplish the same goals for the technician.

4 Post Alignment Lift

All Atlas® four post alignment lifts have built in rear slip plates and runway cut outs for recessing the front turntables. These 4 post racks are available in both 12,000 lb. capacity and 14,000 lb. capacity. The 14,000 lb. capacity 4-post model can be purchased in either a closed front model or an open front four post design.

Greg Smith Equipment Sales supplies 4 Post Alignment Lifts in both an Open Front and closed Front Model.

The open front four post alignment lift is more expensive than the closed front model. The advantage to the open front lift is that the mechanic does not risk bumping his head on the front cross beam as he walks out from under the front of the 4-post lift.

Scissor Alignment Lift

The Atlas® scissor alignment lift is the perfect choice for those customers with a narrow bay space. Greg Smith Equipment offers two models of 12,000 lbs. capacity alignment scissor lifts and a 16,000 lbs. capacity scissor rack. All models of these racks have built in rear slip plates, recessed cut outs for front turntables and inside runway rails for rolling jacks.

Greg Smith Equipment Sales supplies Scissor Alignment Lifts in both a 16,000 lb. and 12,000 lb. weight capacity model.

Alignment Wheel Stands

These Atlas® alignment wheel stands are the perfect choice for those customers who do not have enough bay space to dedicate to this specific kind of auto equipment. Most automotive shops have two post car lifts and can use the alignment wheel stands with four of the Atlas® turntables to turn the two post lift repair bay into a four wheel alignment bay.

Atlas Alignment Wheel Stands turn any 2 post lift into a 4 wheel alignment bay.