Atlas® 12AWFSL 12,000 Lbs. Capacity Alignment Scissor Lift with Wheels-Free System
Product Code ATTD-12AWFSL-B

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As low as $252/month

  • Heavy Duty Construction and super-
    balanced lift for wheel alignment
  • Can be surfaced
    mounted or flush mounted
  • Very precise platform leveling
  • Mechanical safety lock with air
    operated engagement and release
  • Emergency manual pump for
  • Wheels free system
  • Overload valve included
  • Lowering speed control valve
  • Air Line Kit Included
  • Recessed turntables and turntable covers
  • Turntable Color May Vary
  • Extra Long Slip Plates allow for aligning of wheelbases from 172" to 86"
  • 6 month motor/electric, 1 year
    hydraulic, and 2 year structural
  • Mounting Hardware Included
  • Shipping Dimensions: (2 boxes)
    198" x 53" x 29 1/2"
  • Greg Smith Equipment is pleased to introduce our new Atlas® 12AWFSL 12,000 lb. alignment scissor lift. This lift has been in production for several years and hundreds of these lifts have been sold throughout the world except for the North America.

    Our Asian partner developed this lift in a joint venture with one of the most prestigious Italian lift manufacturers. The combination of the Italian engineering and design coupled with the low cost of the Asian labor has resulted in an alignment lift that is equal to or better than similar big name lift brands costing two and three times as much money.

    Atlas® and Greg Smith Equipment are the only authorized distribution facilities in North America.

    The Atlas® alignment lift has a lifting height of over seven feet so that it may be floor mounted or recessed if the customer decides on a flush mount installation. The full frame under the scissor lift provides for maximum stability.

    All Atlas® alignment scissor lifts can be surface mounted or flush mounted. Each lift comes with approach ramps for the floor mounted application or an optional set of ramps if the customer decides to flush mount the lift. Check the technical specifications to better understand how the extra high lifting height allows the Atlas® 12K alignment scissor to be flush mounted and still offer plenty of room under the runways to properly access the underside of the vehicle.

    The extra long 53" long approach ramps make it easy to load low riding vehicles.

    Once a vehicle is positioned on the Atlas® alignment scissor lift, the optional Atlas® RJ-6 rolling jack can lift the vehicle off of the runways to perform wheel service. The air powered hydraulic Atlas® RJ-6 rolling jack has telescoping arms that extend over the runways to access lift points. These jacks have screw out extensions or optional stack on truck adapters.

    Welded rails on the inside of the runways are standard on all lifts, allowing the customer the option of incorporating the Atlas® RJ-6 rolling jack system on his Atlas® alignment scissor lift.

    Quality workmanship, ease of operation, straight forward installation instructions, a durable powder coat finish and the lowest prices in the Industry makes the Atlas® 12AWFSL 12,000 alignment scissor lift the perfect choice for the demanding and discriminating shop owner.

    Worried about bay space? An Atlas Alignment System allows the customer to utilize a minimum amount of space and still be able to align the smallest foreign car all the way up to a one ton dual rear wheel pickup truck.

    We have hydraulic oil in stock!

    Greg Smith Equipment stocks a complete inventory of parts for the equipment we sell.
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    Additional Information

    Atlas® 12AWFSL 12,000 LB Alignment Scissor Lift Specifications Detailed Pictures/Specs.
    Lifting Capacity 12,000 LB
    Lifting Height 84 1/4" (7' 1/4")
    "Wheels Free" in ramp jack system Height 17" (1' 5")
    Overall Width 86 3/8" (7' 2 3/8")
    Overall Length with Approach Ramps 250" (20' 10")
    Overall Length without Approach Ramps 197" (16' 5")
    Approach Ramp Length 53" (4' 5")
    4-Wheel Alignment Wheelbase

    Max. 168 in.
    Min.  90 in.

    2-Wheel Alignment Wheelbase Max. 172 in.
    Min.  86 in.
    Runway Width 23 3/4" (1' 11 3/4")
    Lowered Height 11 1/2"
    Locking Positions 19
    Width Between Runways 39"
    Motor/Electrical Requirement 220 volt +/- 5% (209-231volts) single (1) phase.
    A 30 amp breaker is required.
    Oil Requirement 3.5 Gallons AW32/AW46
    Shipping Weight 5500 lbs.
    Horizontal Cylinders Vs. Vertical Cylinders; the strengths and weaknesses of each.

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    Important Information!
    Read To Avoid Damaging Your Lift
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    Atlas® 12AWFSL Flush Mount Pit Dimensions
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