Atlas® 408-SL Premium 8,000 Lbs. Capacity Portable Hobbyist 4 Post Lift
Product Code ATPK-408SL

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  • 8,000 lb. Capacity
  • Single point lock release
  • All columns incorporate two
        special bends which help to
        increase the column strength.
  • Larger column size
  • Professional grade single point
    lock system
  • Double Lock Safety System
  • Higher quality powder coating
        (steel gray color) that compliments
        any garage color scheme.
  • Hidden cables in cross tubes
  • Commercial Grade Wear Blocks
  • The mount column can be set up in
        any one of the four corners
  • There is a wider access area
        between the runways than many
        other hobby lifts.
  • Anchor Bolts Optional
        (Sold Separately)
  • Shipping Weight: 1,965 LB.
  • The Atlas® 408-SL super deluxe portable vehicle storage lift is designed for those car enthusiasts who demand the absolute best look and superior quality. The Atlas® 408-SL has all the great features of our Atlas® Garage Pro Series 4 post hobbyist lifts, but incorporates many features found only on our Atlas® commercial grade 4-post lifts. All columns incorporate two special bends which help to increase the column strength. These strategic bends also increase the surface area for the slide block to travel. Horizontal cables are “hidden” inside of the cross tubes. Professional grade wheel covers are used to eliminate almost all exposure of cables and double lock system.The Atlas® 408-SL has “more metal” and weighs over 100 lbs. more than other hobbyist lifts based upon the same column and runway configuration.

    The Atlas® 408-SL is built to the same commercial lift standards as our Atlas® 412 and Atlas® 414 four post lifts, but also offers portability (Caster Kit sold separately).

    If you are looking for a lift that stands out from all the other storage lifts sold in the USA, then take a good look at the Atlas® 408-SL.

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    Additional Information

    Atlas® 408-SL Specifications Detailed Pictures/Specs.
    Capacity 8,000 LB
    Lifting Height To Top Of Runway 69 3/4" (5' 9 3/4")
    Clearance Under Runways 65" (5' 5")
    Height of Columns 84" (7')
    Overall Width (Without Motor) 106 5/8" (8' 10 5/8")
    Overall Width (With Motor) 117 1/2" (9' 9 1/2")
    Overall Length with Approach Ramps 208" (17' 4 ")
    Overall Length without Approach Ramps 174 1/2" (14' 6 1/2")
    Approach Ramps 37" (3' 1")
    Runway Width 20" (1' 8")
    Runway Length 166 3/4" (13' 10 3/4")
    Runway Thickness 4 3/4"
    Width Between Runways 37" (3' 1")
    Width Between Runway Rails 34 3/8" (2' 10 3/8")
    Outside Runway to Outside Runway 74 1/2" (6' 2 1/2")
    Size of Column 7" x 4 7/8"
    Clearance Between Columns 95 1/2" (7' 11 1/2")
    Length Between Columns 156" (13')
    Base of Column 10 1/4" x 12 7/8"
    Maximum Wheel Base 159" (13' 3")
    Drive Thru (Outside of tire to outside of tire) 82" (6' 10")
    Cable Diameter .375"
    Column Thickness of Steel 3.5mm
    Platform Thickness of Steel 5mm
    Cross Beam Thickness of Steel 5mm
    Motor 110 Volt
    Oil Requirement3-5 Gallons AW32/AW46
    Shipping Weight 1,965 LB.

    Locking Positions Under Runway
    (+/ - 2")
    Locking Positions Top Of Runway
    (+/ - 2")
    18 ½" 23"
    22 ½" 27"
    26 ½" 31"
    30 ½" 35"
    34 ½" 39"
    38 ½" 43"
    42 ½" 47"
    46 ½" 51"
    50 ½" 55"
    54 ½" 59"
    58" 62 ½"
    62" 66 ½"
    65" 69 ¾"
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    Optional Hose Line Installation Guide 280 KB 1 View
    Atlas® 408-SL Cylinder Bleeding Procedure
    (Do this immediately after installation)
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