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Atlas® EM06 Portable 110v 6,000 lb. Mid Rise Scissor Lift
Product Code ATPK-EM06-110V

The Atlas® EM06 110v portable 6,000 lb. low rise lift is the perfect addition to any garage that needs a quick sure fire method to raise a car to perform wheel service.

  • 6,000 lb. lifting capacity
  • Portable
  • Minimum Height: 4 ½"
  • Maximum Height (With Blocks): 40"
  • Three locking positions at heights of:
       (w/o rubber blocks) 13 ¾”, 27 ¾”, and
  • 110V Power Unit
  • 2 year structural, 1 year hydraulic,
       90 day wear items warranty.
  • The Atlas® EM06 full platform portable mid rise lift is a great choice for the tire shop or service center that wants to get a passenger car or light SUV into the air as quickly as possible. Most full platform portable lifts only lift the vehicle about 24 inches. The Atlas® EM06 raises the vehicle a full 40 inches (with lift blocks); a very comfortable working height for the technician.

    There is no need to position moveable arms under the vehicle lifting points. Simply drive the vehicle over the approach ramps and across the lift so that the platform is in the middle. Place the rubber support blocks under the vehicle’s lifting points and you are ready to lift the car into the air.

    Quick set up time and an extended raised height makes the Atlas® EM-06 a real winner for those shops demand speed and quality in their lifting equipment.

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    Additional Information

    Atlas® EM06 Specifications Detailed Pictures/Specs.
    Capacity 6,000LB.
    Maximum Lifting Height With Blocks 40"
    Maximum Lifting Height Without Blocks 36"
    Locking Position Heights (w/o rubber blocks) 13 ¾", 27 ¾", and 36"
    Overall Width 77 ¼"
    Overall Length With Extenders 81 ½"
    Lowered Height 4 ¼"
    Motor 110V
    Oil Requirement 3.5 Gallons AW32/AW46
    Shipping Weight 1,100 LBS.
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