Atlas® TC289 Tire Changer Electric/Pneumatic Wheel Clamp Tire Changer
w/Bead Blaster

Product Code ATTC289

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As low as $45/month

  • Tire inflator
  • Adjustable Bead Breaker
  • 3 Positions For Clamping Jaws
  • Oiler, Filter, Regulator included
  • 90-110 Psi
  • Bead Blaster
  • 110v
  • Inner Clamp: 14” - 30”
  • Outer Clamp: 12”- 28”
  • Max Tire Diameter: 47.5”
  • Max Wheel Width: 18.5”
  • Shipping Weight: 618 lbs.
  • The Atlas® TC 289 wheel clamp tire changer is the perfect wheel clamp tire changer for most general automotive service departments and medium sized tire stores. This tire changer is perfect for changing the tires on large SUV and one ton trucks. The Atlas® TC289 can be fitted with the LH assist arm, RH asist arm, or Atlas® DAA arm assembly.

    The Atlas® wheel clamp tire changers are designed to change the tires on both high priced alloy wheels and steel wheels without damaging the rim or the tire. The powerful ADUSTABLE bead breaker located on the side of the tire changer is designed to break even the most stubborn and rusted beads without damage to the rim. The turntable jaws (which can be covered with the standard protective plastic inserts) hold the rim securely without damaging the surface of the rim. These jaws can be moved to three different positions along the slides of the turntable to either increase or decrease the clamping range of the Atlas® TC289 wheel clamp tire changer.

    The Atlas® TC 289 wheel clamp tire changer comes standard with the powerful bead blaster system and inflator hose adapter and pressure gauge.

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    Additional Information

    Atlas® TC289 Specifications Detailed Pictures/Specs.
    Rims Steel, Aluminum, Alloy
    External Clamping Range Position 1) 11 7/8" - 26"
    Position 2) 12 7/8" - 27"
    Position 3) 13 3/4" - 28"
    Internal Clamping Range Position 1) 13 7/8" - 27 7/8"
    Position 2) 14 5/8" - 28 7/8"
    Position 3) 15 5/8" - 29 7/8"
    External Locking Rim Dimension
    (With Flip Adapters In The ATV Configuration)
    Position 1) 5" - 19 1/8"
    Position 2) 5 7/8" - 20 1/8"
    Position 3) 6 7/8" - 21 1/8"
    External Locking Rim Dimension
    (With Flip Adapters In The Motorcycle Configuration)
    Position 1) 15" - 29 1/8"
    Position 2) 15 7/8" - 30"
    Position 3) 16 7/8" - 31"
    Bead Blaster Yes
    Maximum tire diameter 47 ½"
    Operating voltage 110V 1Ph
    Maximum wheel width (Bead Breaker) Position 1) 14 ¾"
    Position 2) 18 ½
    Air pressure 90 - 110 psi
    Maximum Inlet Pressure not to exceed 170 PSI*
    Shipping weight 618 LBS.
    Turntable Rotating Torque 885 ft/lbs.
    Wheel clamping 4 jaws: internal/external
    Bead breaker Pneumatic, 5,500 LB. force
    Oiler, filter, regulator Included
    Soap reservoir Included
    Warranty 1 yr. limited
    4 Black plastic rim protectors Included

    *Inlet pressure is the amount of air pressure that your air compressor is supplying.
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    A Guide To Using A Wheel Clamp Tire Changer
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