Atlas® WB11 Self-Calibrating Computer Wheel Balancer
Product Code ATWB11

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  • Automatic positioning where to apply
  • Automatic and pedal operated brake.
  • Automatic start/stop when hood is
  • Static and dynamic balancing modes.
  • Rapid optimization (OPT)
  • Self-diagnosis
  • Self-calibration
  • Exceptional stability in reading the
    unbalance between planes.
  • Display in grams or ounces, in mm or
  • No anchor-down installation needed.
  • The Atlas WB-11 is the most popular Atlas wheel balancer that we sell. Low price, dependability and repeatable accuracy make the Atlas WB-11 one of the most popular models of the entire Atlas line of computer wheel balancers.The Atlas WB-11 is very a simple, yet sophisticated wheel balancer. Each electrical component part is virtually "plug and play" so repair is easy when it is time to replace parts.

    The Atlas WB-11 is capable of self-diagnosing problems and displays error codes so the operator can make the necessary adjustments or repairs in his own shop. There is no need to wait for the high priced service technician to visit your store. The simplicity of the Atlas WB-11, both in ease of use and ease of repair, make this balancer the perfect choice for your shop. The Atlas WB-11 wheel balancer handles wheels that weigh up to 130 LB.

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    Additional Information

    Atlas WB11 Specifications Detailed Pictures/Specs.
    Max Tire Diameter 39"
    Rim Sizes (cars and light trucks) 10"-32"
    Rim Width 1 ½"-20"
    Shaft Size 40mm
    Max. Wheel Weight 150 LBS.
    Balancing Speed 150 R.P.M
    Automatic Data Entry NO
    Truck Adapter Set Optional
    Warranty 1 year limited
    Shipping Weight 355 LBS.
    Power Supply 110V 1Ph
    Motor ¼ HP
    Display Standard or Metric
    Accuracy 1 g
    Weight Position Resolution 1.4 Degrees
    Self Calibration YES
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