Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

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Atlas® PV-12P

My new Atlas PV-12P Overhead 2 Post Lift is the most useful tool I’ve ever owned and I use almost daily. It is well built, safe and bulletproof. My neighbors like it too as I let them use it.

Best regards,
Bob D.

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Atlas® BP8000

I bought an Atlas BP 8000 around two years ago for my shop Nano Car Restoration LLC here in Joliet, IL. I'm very happy with this lift. It makes our work easier and still works like day one. My shop is a two man shop, and my worker and I both love the lift. When I expand I will be purchasing another, probably a little stronger for trucks, but right now this one is perfect for what I do. I recommend this lift to anybody from residential to commercial. It is a very good quality lift for the money. You will be happy you got it from Greg Smith and not from somebody else. The cables are thick not like some other lifts I have seen the cables are thinner. I don't have anything bad to say about this lift. Everything is good. Waiting to expand.

Eli R.
Joliet, IL

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Atlas® TD6MR

I still have to find a way to lift my wife's Taurus X, but all other cars are doing well. I am very happy with my purchase from the Georgia warehouse. The gents were very friendly and helpful! And yes that's your four post lift in the background.

I just wanted to say thanks guys!

Jim C.
Flanders, NJ

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Atlas 408-SL

I ordered my first lift from GSE five years ago – a 2-post model Pro-9F.  That experience was great.  It is a stout, quality built piece that has been worth its weight in gold to me since I’ve had it.  The customer service that came with the first lift was also outstanding.  I had a shipping issue that was clearly a mistake by the freight company, not GSE.  Even though it wasn’t their fault, GSE offered to manage the situation and made sure I was compensated.  So, when I decided to pull the trigger on a 4-post I didn’t bother looking elsewhere.

The Atlas 408-SL also seems to be a quality, well-built unit.  I appreciate the added column stiffness that this lift has over many other lifts offered.  The hidden cables and lock actuators also make for a clean look.  Assembly was straight forward and the fit and finish of all components was great.  The size of this unit is absolutely perfect for the typical gear head’s car.  As a Mustang nut, I needed something that made sense for Mustangs, and this one is the deal.  I have a sloped ceiling that goes from 9’10” to 12’.  This lift is positioned where the roofline is at about 10’2” of clearance.  That allows me to fit a pair of Mustangs in a spot that previously could only hold one.

I’m using this lift primarily for storage, but if I didn’t have a 2-post, I’d buy a rolling jack and use the heck out of it for service work.  It’s very solid with a car on it, and I feel comfortable under it.  Furthermore, despite having a “low” lifting height compared to other lifts, I can walk under a car on this lift (between the runways), and I’m 6’2”.  Final comment – if you think you’re going to push a car onto a 4-post lift by yourself, think again.  I added a $20 boat winch to the back cross beam by simply drilling and tapping two holes.  This made pulling my project car onto the lift a piece of cake. 

To the Greg Smith team – thanks for another great product.

Rich C.

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Atlas® 408-SL & Atlas® PV-10P

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Atlas PV-10P

New lift is up and works great. Thanks for the great service and product.

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Atlas Garage Pro 8,000

My father and I purchased an Atlas 8000 Garage Pro this past winter in order to make more room for our toys.  We could not be happier with the lift.  Quick and simple set up was great. 

Wesley B.

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Atlas 10OHSC

I recently purchased your 10 OHSC two post lift and installed it last weekend. A friend of mine and myself picked it up at the freight drop off and brought it home. This is one heavy duty lift and I couldn't be happier with the quality of the lift also. If this lift doesn't sell itself when people see it in my garage my buddy and myself sure will talk them into the Atlas lift from Greg Smith Equipment! A couple of the ball caps to wear during our sales pitch for the lift sure would be nice and make us feel like a couple of salesman. Any other equipment I may be in need of I sure will be looking at your website for it.

Warren Akers
Cadiz, OH

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Atlas® 408-SL

I built my Atlas 408-SL lift from Greg Smith Equipment on April 1, 2014.  I had two buddies helping, we started at 10:05am and finished at 1:05pm - exactly 3 hours.  We started from a disassembled lift in the back of a box truck - one of the guys had taken delivery of it at his loading dock, and unbolted it piece by piece from the shipping frame.

1. It was not hard to build at all.  It is just a bunch of really big pieces.  The instructions are simple.  If you are mechanically inclined at all, you can do it.  I'm a stinking marketing guy, for crying out loud.

2.  You really need to work out how you are going to move the big pieces around.  All-in shipping weight is 1,965 lbs.  There is not one piece in it you could call "light."  But the heaviest pieces - the two runways, must be like 400-ish lbs each, maybe more.  One of the guys had originally loaded the pieces in the box truck with a forklift - obviously makes it easy.  But at my house we had to maneuver it off the back of the truck's hydraulic lift using a pallet jack.  Once the pieces were generally in place, it was straightforward.

3. My first thought on opportunities to improve the instructions, I would say clarify the bolts/nuts/washers.  There is one general picture of all those items laid out on a surface, but there are not individual labeled pictures of each.  Some of the bolts are very close to one another, but differ slightly in length.  We were often wondering exactly what hardware the schematic was referring to, because there were no close up pictures.  We had two minor instances where we had to go back and remove a bolt and put the right one in place.

4.  After 24 hours of running it up and down, and putting different cars on it, I just love it.  It is not as slow going up as I had thought it would be.  With a regular passenger car, mine is 93 seconds of lift time from the ground to the top lock.

Build Quality & Looks/Design
5.  This thing is stout.  The verticals are significantly more substantial than any of the consumer lifts I've seen - more "pillars" than "posts".  You put a car/load up on it, and it's just an ingot.  Will not move.  I'm more than paranoid I'm going to hit my head on it somewhere - I have no doubt something so unyielding would seriously ring my bell.  

6.  Looks are probably a low priority for a functional piece of equipment, but it looks amazing.  Very clean & strong.  No external cables, or hydraulic lines, or lock release rods.  All of that stuff is built into the cross members and the pillars.  

I've got painting and other clean up yet to do around the garage, but here's a picture with two cars as we were testing it out.  The guys from Greg Smith Equipment were great to deal with.  A technical question came up during the build so I called and had an experienced builder on the line in minutes with a great answer.  Very happy with the results.

Bellbrook, OH

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Atlas® Apex-10

Love my atlas 10 plus.  Just need to do some ceiling surgery! 

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