Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

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Atlas® 9KBP

I love my new 9KBP, no more squatting and laying on my back. It works well with my cars and UTVs.

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Atlas® Garage Pro 8000 EXT

To the good folks at Greg Smith Equipment... Here are some pics of my new Atlas 8000 EXT lift that I installed myself without any assistance other than an engine hoist, floor jacks and my back. Next time I'll enlist the help of a couple of strong buddies, this is really a tough job for one person!

Special thanks to Charlie Pollett. He was very professional (and personable) and did a great job handling all my questions. Recommending that my lift be ship to a terminal in my area as opposed to picking it up in Atlanta I'm sure saved me a lot of headaches. The cost to ship in the long run was cheaper than me making an 8 hour round trip. Averitt Shipping company did a great job in getting the lift here in one piece and they were very helpful loading it on my trailer.

As far as the lift itself is concerned --- I don't know why I waited so long to buy one. The quality is comparable and in some cases better than other higher priced lifts on the market. While the instructions weren't perfect, they were easy enough to follow to get the job done. The parts are well made and the black finish is smooth and appears to be durable. Overall, I am extremely satisfied with the quality and performance of this lift.

One note of caution to installers: Do not overfill the hydraulic fluid reservoir! Fill as per the instructions. I made the mistake of adding some fluid when the lift was raised (the level drops well below the full line when the lift is up). When I lowered the lift the rsoervoir quickly filled back up from the system and overflowed. Brought it back to the recommend level and all is well.

BTW, I didn't write this review for a T-shirt, but since you're offering I wear an XL... LOL

Thanks again,

Craig Dimeler
Madison, AL

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Atlas® Garage Pro 8,000

Pictured is a 4 post lift and a scissor hoist I purchased from you guys. I just love my Garage Pro 8000 4 post lift. I have got my eye on one more classic and will need need another lift in the future. I will be able then to store a number of cars in a limited space. Your recommended installer was top notch. Had my autos on it in less then two hours. The Atlas TD6MR scissor hoist is perfect for wheel and brake work.

Harold McCalla

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Atlas® PV-12P

Good afternoon Greg

Just wanted to let you know that we have the PV-12p installed and it is a Great fit for anybody with a 14' ceiling. I also had to use your parts dept and it was fast and hassle FREE. the hoist is a heavy and well built unit.
My son's and I have over a dozen vehicles most trucks so we will get a lot of service from this hoist.

It was a pleasure doing business with you and will pass your name around.
Fishing season is just around the corner.

Have a Great Day
Dennis Tison
Onsted Community Schools

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Atlas® PV-10P

My ATPK-PV10P lift is the best additon any car guy could install in his garage! The installation was straight forward. With the help of my compact tractor and a friend, we installed it relatively quickly. It has been trouble free and never ceases to amaze my friends who see it for the first time. I have used it for countless hours working on my 1971 Oldsmobile cutlass covertible and hardtop. No more crawling on the cold floor. And the price was more than fair for the level of build quality. Very happy with my purchase!

Gus Kutschker
Canterbury, CT

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Atlas® BP8000

Check out my new BP-8000… with this lift I can pick up this beauty and no longer have to work on my back!
Very pleased with the service and quality of the lift.

Tom L.
Eatonton, GA

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Atlas® PV-9P

I picked up my lift, a pv9p, at your Phoenix store. I had my flatbed trailer which made it easy to load and unload. It took me a few days to install, but it was fairly easy to do. I used my compact tractor to do the heavy lifting. I used to teach auto shop so I am familiar with automotive lifts. Your quality is similar to the expensive US made lifts but the price is about 1/2. I am very satisfied so far.

Dave Richert
Lake Havasu City, AZ

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Atlas® Apex-10 Plus

Since I have offered the Atlas line to my customers I have had nothing but good feedback about the product and support from Greg Smith Equipment. Automotive Equipment Services is proud to be the preferred installer/dealer of these lifts and their garage equipment. It has given me the ability to supply a turnkey quote to a customer for their entire shop needs at a fraction of the cost with one vendor. The inventory at GSES,NH and all the other stores allows me quick access to all my customers shop needs.

-Kyle Noel owner/operator of Automotive Equipment Services,NH

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Atlas® TD6MR

Best lift for the home mechanic.

Thanks again,
Jason Proctor

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Atlas® Equipment

These lifts are great. Along with the tire machines, I love my purchase. I'm actually buying a new building and will be purchasing a bp9000.

T. Laubach

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