Testimonials: Direct Lift Pro Park 7 w/ Pro Jack 3500

Direct Lift Pro Park 7 w/ Pro Jack 3500

I purchased the Direct Lift Pro Park 7 and Pro Jack 3500 on-line 7/25/05, shipped on 7/28/05, arrived 8/1/05 on Monday. By Tuesday night it was up and working with a total of about 6 hours of assembly, with just me and some help from my wife and my shop lift. I found it pretty easy to assemble after work hours. My ceiling height is only 9' 7" and I'm 5' 6" so with a corvette on it I can still stand up strait to work under it. I wish I didn't wait so long to buy one. I bought it through Greg Smith Equipment Sales, Inc. and they were very nice to talk to and deal with. I have either a 1982 Corvette or a 1996 Blazer on it all the time. Works great!!!

Kevin Niemiec
Milton, PA

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