Wheel Stands

Greg Smith Equipment Sales stocks the set of four (4) Atlas® wheel stands. This equipment has a combined weight capacity of 6,000 lbs. and is the perfect choice for customers with limited bay space. They allow the vehicle to be supported (in the air) by the tires, just like the vehicle is supported on a four post car lift. If you have a 2 post lift and want the benefits of a 4 post lift without investing a lot more money or more garage space, you may want to consider the Atlas® wheel stands.

Wheel Stands with Turn Tables - If you want the ability to do 4 wheel alignments in your shop, but only have room for a two post lift, you could also use the Atlas® set of four (4) wheel stands with four Atlas® turntables to turn a service bay into an alignment bay.

Atlas® Wheel Stands and Alignment Turntable Package

Includes 4 Steel Wheel Stands and 4 Alignment Turntables


Atlas® Vehicle Wheel Stands 6,000 Lbs. Capacity

Set of 4 Atlas® Wheel Stands.