Welcome to our Blemished Section of equipment.

The Blemished (aka: Scratch and Dent) Section is a great place to save some money on "slightly blemished" automotive equipment.

This Blemished Section is reserved for products that are “cosmetically less than perfect”. Many items have been showroom floor models or have been “set-up” for web site photos.

We also include some items that have been slightly damaged in shipment from the factory to us or have been damaged by the freight lines when shipping to a customer.

Most of the items in this section are only cosmetically blemished. Items are not in their original shipping packages, so these items must be picked up at our locations and cannot be shipped via common truck commercial carrier or UPS/Fed-Ex.

All products carry the manufacturer’s original warranty. (Unless otherwise noted)

The blemished section is updated on a regular basis, and the products are subject to a "first come-first served" sale.

We understand that there may be slightly different interpretations between what a customer perceives as "a few scratches" and what GSES terms "a few scratches". This is the reason that these products are available for pick-up there will be no misunderstandings. We want our customers to see what they are buying (in person).

Blemished: Indiana

Blemished: Delaware

Blemished: Georgia