Bleeding The Cylinders On A Chain-Over-Roller Style Lift

(Removing Air From The Hydraulic System)

Current Atlas model chain-over-roller cylinder lifts include:
BP8000, 9KBP, BP9000, BP10000, BP12000, 9KOH, 9OHSC

Perform this procedure IMMEDIATELY after installation and BEFORE you put a vehicle on the lift

1. Press the UP Button to raise the Carriages (part to which the arms attach inside both Columns) about 18” off the floor. DO NOT RAISE THE CARRIAGES TO MAXIMUM HEIGHT, JUST ENOUGH TO REMOVE ANY SLACK FROM THE CHAIN.

2. Disengage the Safety Locks on both Columns using the Single Point Release Handle near the power unit or by pulling the two Manual Release Cables located on each carriage (depending on model of 2 Post Lift you have). Depress the Lowering Valve handle and lower the arms completely to the floor. Once the lift arms are resting on the ground maintain pressure on the lowering valve handle for several seconds more.

3. Using a bungee cord or someone’s help depress and secure the Lowering Valve handle. Go to each cylinder and confi rm that the silver ram is completely retracted into the black outer sleeve. If it is not, then pull the chain or push down on the pulley in order to fully collapse the cylinder.

4. At this point any air should be gone from the lift hydraulic system, if not, repeat the above steps 1 through 3.

After doing this procedure the lift arms should travel up and down smoothly and at a consistent speed during operation.