General2 Post Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Our full line of Atlas® Lifts are manufactured to the same exacting standards as most of the "BIG NAME" lift companies. There are some small distributors that buy a container from a Chinese lift manufacturer and “hope” that the quality is OK. These small distributors do not order parts to support the product...just the product.

There are other small distributors on the Internet that are only agents or sub-distributors for above ground lifts (and other automotive products). These smaller distributors do not stock the equipment. They simply take your order and have a warehouse ship your product. If they do not stock the product, then they probably don’t stock the parts. Does it not make sense to buy your equipment from a company that stocks both the products and the parts?

There are similarities in the appearance of most above ground lifts, but the Atlas® Lifts are built to standards that far exceed those standards incorporated by most other Asian above ground lift manufacturers.

We stock most of the lifts we advertise and have in-house service techs that can help with installation questions.

We have a parts department that stocks all the parts needed for our current line of Atlas® lifts and we also have parts for lifts that we sold over 10 years ago.

Most Internet automotive distributors are not a "brick and mortar facility".We have been in business for over 30 years. Greg Smith Equipment has brick and mortar locations (with a combined total over 220,000 square feet) that stock the majority of equipment we advertise on our web site.

We display the Atlas® Lifts in our showroom and stock hundreds of Atlas® Lifts in our nation wide warehouses. Please visit any of our locations to see your lift “in person” and pick up the lift to save freight costs.

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A: probably did (and lost it). However, most installation manuals are available on our web site. We can also mail, fax, or email a copy to you.

Please check the web page of the lift that best suits your needs. Each lift’s web page has a detailed explanation of the warranty relative to that model.


Atlas® 9KOH

2 Year Structural, 1 Year Power Unit and Cylinders Warranty
Atlas® PV-10P

5 Year Structural, 2 Year Power Unit and Cylinders Warranty

A: Greg Smith Equipment Sales works with dozens of lift installers throughout the USA and will be glad to provide names of these professional lift installers upon request. However, most lifts are installed by the customer with the help of some friends. Your local "handyman" can easily install these lifts with the help of our on-line easy to understand lift assembly guides.