Atlas® Apex 10 ALI Certified Overhead 10,000 lbs. Capacity Adjustable Height 2 Post Lift

heavy duty certified overhead commercial grade lift features the revolutionary Double S column design. This lift will easily handle vehicles from a Smart Car® up to and including a one ton extended cab diesel dually.

Atlas® Apex-10H ALI Certified Overhead 2 Post Car Lift (EXTRA TALL)

The Atlas® Apex-10H is a heavy duty overhead commercial grade lift that can accommodate "taller vehicles" such as "ladder rack trucks" and cargo vans.

Atlas® Apex 12 ALI Certified Overhead 12,000 lb. Capacity Adjustable Height 2 Post Vehicle Lift

The Atlas® Apex 12 is an ALI CERTIFIED overhead two-post lift with two adjustable height settings and single point lock release.