Electrical 2 Post Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

All of our 2 post lifts are powered by a 220V single phase motor, and we recommend a 30 amp breaker.

Size (gauge) of wire is dependent on the motor horsepower of the power unit and the distance of the power unit from the power source. Consult a professional electrical contractor if you feel it necessary, but the rule of thumb electrical requirements are listed below: 2-post lift with a 220V single phase motor: 10-2 wire (with ground wire)...30 AMP service

No, but if your goal is to make the electrical wiring connection to the power unit look "professional", then run the wire from the ceiling. When you try to "micro-manage" the exact position of the power unit column...and stub the wiring (in the concrete) next to the power unit column...the odds of getting it perfect are 50-50...at best. When you stub the wiring in the ceiling...you can position your lift properly and "drop the wire" directly to the power unit. You can enclose the wire in an attractive "wire cover" for a professional look.

220V motors on the power units are only available with either blank "pigtails" or œno pigtail. (the customer must furnish the pigtail) . Customers provide both the male and female ends.