20th vs. 21st Century Alignment Philosophy

Our Lower Costs

We realize that a product which has only 50% of the initial cost (or less) of the leading competitors might cause one to assume that it will not perform as well or that your ownership experience might be compromised. We want to assure you that in this case nothing could be more removed from the truth. The primary reason the others cost so much is their antiquated marketing model.

The 20th Century Business Model

In the case of our two major competitors 4-5 "middle men" are involved before it reaches your shop. The factory makes a profit for sure...then the division takes a percentage....then the regional representative is paid...the local representative makes their commission...usually it is channeled thru a distributor....(whether you realize it or not)...and they make a profit...finally the service representative earns a commission for the "set-up" and brief training session. Each of these commission steps average 10% but can be higher. At the end of the day you have a product that is inflated by 50% or more.

The 21st Century Business Model

The product originates from a renowned European manufacturer who delivers a quality product at the lowest possible costs. This is possible through a high volume turnover, state of the art manufacturing equipment, highly efficient processes, solid engineering and leadership, and by purchasing raw material in large quantities. The product is sold to the master distributor (Greg Smith Equipment Sales) in multiple container quantities and then is resold directly to you...the end user. This is by nature more efficient distribution and the result is a product of equal value, with equal performance, at far lower initial costs.

It has nothing to do with low quality vs. high quality...it is a case of streamlined distribution and a more efficient distribution model. The new century is simply too competitive for the old methods. The last step is support and in that regard you will sacrifice nothing.