Questions Before You Buy 4 Post Lift Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

We have explained for the last several years that our full line of Atlas® lifts are manufactured to the same exacting standards as most of the "better known" domestic lift companies. All lifts are NOT built the same! There are similarities in the appearance of most above ground lifts, but the Atlas® Lifts are built to standards that far exceed those standards incorporated by most other Asian lift manufacturers.

We also stock most of the lifts we advertise and have in-house service techs that can help with installation questions.

We have a parts department that stock all the parts needed for the current Atlas® Lifts we sell, and we also have parts for lifts that we sold over 10 years ago.

110V power unit motors normally come with a standard 110 grounded plug. 220V motors on the power units are only available with either blank "pigtails" or œno pigtail. (the customer must furnish the pigtail). Customers must always provide the male and female ends.

Most of our commercial grade four post lifts come with the appropriate number of anchor bolts to mount the lift to the floor. It is important to note that our Hobbyist four post lifts are free standing and do not need to be anchored to the floor. (Anchor bolts are available for these lifts at an additional charge). The Customer will be always be responsible for providing the necessary hydraulic oil for the lift.

Yes, but the extra hydraulic hose will act like a reservoir which may require more hydraulic oil to be added to the system. Ask your salesperson about remote mounting your power unit.

4-post lift:
Concrete slab should be at least two feet longer and wider than the four columns to offer maximum stability. The lift may or may not be anchored to the slab...depending on the lift's weight capacity. Optimally, the concrete slab should be the same size as the floor of a normal garage for either a two-post or four post lift.

To allow for water drainage, many garages have a 1" to 2" slope from the back of the garage to the front. This minimal slope will not affect the safety or lift capacity of your lift. Four post lifts (with lock ladder columns) can be easily leveled. The lock ladders' locking positions may be adjusted so that the runways will be level when raised and/or in their locked positions. Columns can be "shimmed" with plastic or metal shims. If the column is to be "mounted with anchors"...make sure you use extra length anchors to compensate for the "shimmed" area above the concrete.

Yes with certain limitations, but be advised that when an above ground lift is mounted outside (and exposed to the elements), then the lift warranty is voided. Lifts must be mounted on a concrete surface of sufficient depth and integrity. Cold weather will affect the operation of any electric/hydraulic lift because the hydraulic oil will move slower in colder weather. Exposed metal cables need to be protected with a light weight marine-grade grease or WD-40. Cover the power unit to protect against moisture entering the motor.

Yes, but the hydraulic oil (in cold weather) will move slower because of its increased viscosity.

Trick: Place a "trouble light" with a 25 watt incandescent bulb near the plastic reservoir prior to use. (Be careful the bulb in protected and does NOT contact the plastic reservoir...reservoir will MELT) The heat generated from the light bulb will "warm" the hydraulic oil and increase the performance of your lift.

Simply add the heights of both cars to be stored and add 6 inches to the total. This measurement is the LOWEST ceiling height that will safely "stack" those two vehicles.

A: Yes, but they are sold as an option and we believe that the key lock is just a gimmick that has proved to be unreliable. We sold them a few years ago...and the solenoids gave us headaches after 6 months!

When your four post lift is "set on its locks", all the hydraulic pressure is removed from the system. Therefore, a car may be stored for an indefinite period of time on a four post lift.

A 4-post lift should only be moved when it is unloaded. Although the lift will roll very easily on a concrete surface, we recommend that two people are involved when moving the lift.

No These lifts must be anchored to the floor and are not moveable. It also does not come with any drip trays or a jack tray.

Greg Smith Equipment Sales works with dozens of lift installers throughout the USA and will be glad to provide names of these professional lift installers upon request. However, most lifts are installed by the customer with the help of some friends. Your local "handyman" can easily install these lifts with the help of our on-line easy to understand lift assembly guides.