ADAS Token Update for EDGE Aligners

Product Code: #ATEDGE-STDA141ADAS

Now available for ATLAS EDGE series alignment machines. This software update allows your compatible Atlas Alignment machine to integrate with ADAS target board kits, leading to faster and more efficient ADAS re-calibration work.

The ADAS token update takes little effort from the customer to install. The Atlas team will coordinate with the manufacturer to install the update remotely into your computer. Please make sure to have your alignment machine serial number handy if you are purchasing for an existing machine.

If your shop currently performs ADAS Calibrations and does not have one of our alignment machines then we would recommend that you watch this brief instructional video highlighting how easily the two work together.

  • Compatible with Atlas EDGE 701, 601, 501, and Cyclops alignment machines
  • ADAS Calibration components sold separately
  • Significantly Reduces ADAS calibration board setup time
  • Software update is remotely installed by manufacturer
  • Must have ADAS Calibration system and Mounting Brackets to function

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