Atlas® PV-12P Overhead 12,000 lbs capacity Adjustable Height 2 Post Lift

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PV = Professional Value

The Atlas® PV series represents the absolute best value for the customer who demands a heavy duty professional grade two post lift at the lowest possible price. Atlas® has been manufacturing the PV series two post above ground lifts for over a decade. Thousands sold! Descriptions such as “bullet-proof”, built like a brick outhouse, tougher than nails, and other such euphemistic phrases are used every day to describe any of the Atlas® PV series models.

We test our competitors’ lifts and our Atlas® lifts. GET SERIOUS…GET ATLAS®.

The Atlas® PV-12P is a commercial grade lift designed to accommodate both long wheel base trucks and passenger cars. The distance between the symmetrical columns is almost 123" with a drive through space of over 108". The extra distance between the symmetrical columns will allow the widest of vehicles to be lifted. The increased length of the symmetrical arms coupled with the additional height of the included peg style truck adapter set allows the operator to safely raise long wheel base trucks with a variety of running boards.

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The Atlas® PV-12P has single point release, set of truck adapters, overhead above ground lift configuration, and symmetric arms.

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Atlas® PV-12P Specifications
Capacity12,000 LB.
Lifting TimeAsk Your
Overall Height148 1/2"
(12' 4 1/2")*
163 1/2"
(13' 7 1/2")
175 1/2"
(14' 7 1/2")
Height To Shut Off Bar142"
(11' 10")*
(13' 1")
(14' 1")
Overall Width158" (13' 2")
Overall Width
(Without Motor)
150 1/4" (12' 6 1/4")
Outside Column to Outside Column138 3/4" (11' 6 3/4")
Maximum Lift Height
(With Truck Adapters)
82" (6' 10")
Maximum Lift Height
(Without Truck Adapters)
71 1/2" (5' 11 1/2")
Minimum Arm Height4 1/2"
Between Columns122 5/8" (10' 2 5/8")
Column Size14 3/8" x 7 5/8"
Column Thickness of Steel6mm
Carriage Thickness of Steel6mm
Arms Thickness of Steel6mm
Drive Thru108 5/8" (9' 5/8")
Base of Lift17 1/2" x 20 1/2"
Cable Diameter.375"
Cylinder Diameter2.6"
Motor/Electrical Requirement220V single (1) phase.
A 30 amp breaker is required.
Oil Requirement3-5 Gallons AW32/AW46
Shipping Weight2,100 LB.

*Requires the purchase of additional shorter cables.

Requires a minimum of 6" of concrete with 3000 psi.

Atlas® PV-12PX Manual - 3-Hose Configuration3.6 MB51View
Atlas® PV-12P Manual - 2-Hose Configuration4.1 MB50View
Atlas® Overhead Lift Wiring Guide300 KB1View
Atlas® Six Terminal Relay Wiring Guide481 KB1View
Atlas® Four Terminal Relay Wiring Guide493 KB1View
Wiring Guide for AMGO Contactor525 KB1View

Learn how to make the lift 'shorter' than the factory's recommended height
Can I Mount The Power Unit On Any Column?

NO…but YES. Most lifts have only one column that can be used to mount the power unit.
This column has the mounting bracket. Make sure that you install that specific column on the side where you want to locate the power unit.

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I purchased this 12k lift mainly for the width and height as I park my slide-in camper in the space behind it. The installation was not difficult although some instructions could be better written and illustrated. A couple gripes starting with the quality of hardware. I prefer grade 8 on a structure that I'm trusting my life with instead of the low grade metric (not bashing metric) it came with. The 2 piece cross beam side flanges do not sandwich snugly together which required shims to close the nearly 1/4in. gap. You cannot just expect to pull it in with bolts. Oh and, that lock release cable broke the second time I used the lift (yes, it was installed correctly).<br>Issues resolved by homeowner, I now have the lift I need and am happy with it.

Great Product!

by -

Best bang for your buck. Picked up New Jersey and installed in a couple hours. Only issue I had was the lock release, the cable broke after 6 months. Had it for 2 years and still use it daily in the shop. Going to buy another one this year.

Great lift


Very well built and fit just follow the directions closely and use common sense some of the information is not perfectly accurate and the illustrations are not great but this lift went up textbook perfect and works exactly like the manufacturer says i am very pleased with it