Air Line Kit Routing System Included

The Atlas PX-16A alignment scissor lift is equipped with a semi enclosed air line kit routing system to accommodate the (optional) airline kit. This air line kit routing system allows the customer to attach a (sold separately) recoil air hose to both rolling jacks without the need of an exposed air hose across the work area floor. The air supply is plumbed into the control panel and the high pressure hose is routed to the inside rear of one platform and the inside front of the other runway. The unique air couplers can be adjusted to regulate the flow of air and can also be turned off without affecting the air supply to the other coupler. The air line kit routing system keeps the recoil ail hose (sold separately) hidden and protected so that there is no chance to trip over and air hose. The work area around the lift and between the runways is uncluttered. Another great Atlas above ground lift feature that offers maximum benefits at no cost to the customer.