Alignment Equipment Questions Answered:

When buying an alignment machine, low cost does not mean low quality.

The primary reason the others cost so much is their antiquated marketing model.
Buying an alignment machine? Let’s use some common sense and compare a value priced

CCD alignment system to a much more expensive 3-D alignment system.
Atlas® Edge 101 and Atlas® Edge 201 Require Internet Access.

Why spend your alignment equipment dollars on older (and sometimes obsolete) alignment

equipment,when the same amount of money will buy an alignment machine that costs about

the same as a used Hunter ® alignment machine, but does so much more.

Before you spend $15,000 to $35,000 or more for a Hunter ® alignment machine (or any

other BIG brand name alignment machine) please consider buying an Edge (state of the

art) alignment machine from Greg Smith Equipment Sales, Inc.

Our top of the line Atlas® EDGE 601 machine sells for about $12,000. The BIG NAME

competition's top of the line alignment machines sell for over $25,000. What value

do you receive when you pay two times the money for a Big RED alignment machine?

Your Atlas® alignment machine is dependent on the software stored in your CPU. You must

protect your CPU from power surges or a sudden loss of power. Battery backup products

with surge protection capabilities should always be used with your Atlas® alignment machine.

Compare The Atlas® Edge 801 Truck Alignment Machine to Hunter ® & BeeLine ®