Anchor Bolt (7" x 3/4")

Product Code: #WA347


Anchor Bolt (7" x 3/4") for 2-Post and 4-Post lifts.

Installation Instructions
  • Use a concrete hammer drill with a carbide tip, solid drill bit the same diameter as the anchor, ¾”. (.775 to .787 inches diameter). Do not use excessively worn bits or bits which have been incorrectly sharpened.
  • Keep the drill in a perpendicular line while drilling.
  • Let the drill do the work. Do not apply excessive pressure.
  • Lift the drill up and down occasionally to remove residue to reduce binding.
  • Drill the hole to depth equal to the length of anchor. NOTE: Drilling thru concrete (recommended) will allow the anchor to be driven thru the bottom of foundation if the threads are damaged or if the lift will need to be relocated.
  • For better holding power blow dust from the hole.
  • Place a flat washer and hex nut over threaded end of anchor, leaving approximately 1/2 inch of thread exposed carefully tap anchor. Do not damage threads. Tap anchor into the concrete until nut and flat washer are against base plate. Do not use an impact wrench to tighten! Tighten the nut, two or three turns on average concrete (28-day cure). If the concrete is very hard only one or two turns may be required. Check each anchor bolt with torque wrench set to 85 foot pounds.
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