Atlas® 14KOF-EXT Garage Pro Open Front 4 Post Alignment Lift


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The Atlas® 14KOF-EXT Garage Pro four post commercial grade open front alignment lift is built for years of dependable service for the busiest of automotive shops. This heavy duty alignment open front four post lift is two feet (24 inches) LONGER than our Atlas® 14KOF open front four post alignment lift. We added two feet of runway length to accommodate those customers who have the “CAMERA TOWER ALIGNMENT SYSTEM” and are required to “rollback” long wheel base vehicles. The Atlas® 14KOF-EXT alignment lift utilizes top quality aircraft cable actuated by an oversized hydraulic cylinder (located underneath the runway) to provide the smoothest and safest method of lifting both small cars and large trucks. You can trust the Atlas® name for many years of dependable service.

The complete Atlas® 14KOF-EXT Garage Pro Open Front Alignment Lift weighs 3,400 LB. Please compare the steel thickness and the quality of construction to any other of our competitor's open front four post alignment lifts.

The Atlas® 14KOF-EXT Garage Pro open front alignment lift has no cross beam in the front of the lift. The front crossbeam has been known to produce a few headaches for alignment technicians that were not paying attention as they walked to their tool boxes.

The Atlas® 14KOF-EXT Garage Pro open front alignment lift has 2 wheel alignment wheel base capabilities of 187 inches. The Atlas® 14KOF-EXT Garage Pro has built in slip plates and recessed areas in the runways to allow for turntables. This lift comes with protective steel plates covers that protect the turntables when they are not in use. The single point lock release (air actuated) is conveniently located near the power unit for easy accessibility.

The RJ-6000 (6,000 LB rolling jacks) will allow the operator to perform a variety of wheel services while the vehicle is still on the Atlas® 14KOF-EXT Garage Pro four post alignment lift. The RJ-6000 rolling jacks are very popular accessories for those garages performing two wheel alignment or four wheel alignment.

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Atlas® 14KOF-EXT Specifications

Capacity 14,000 LB.
Lifting Height69 7/8" (5' 9 7/8")

Clearance Under Runways61 1/2" (5' 1 1/2")

Overall Width138" (11' 6")

Overall Length with Approach Ramps 280" (23' 4")

Overall Length without Approach Ramps 239" (19' 11")

Length of Approach Ramps49 1/4" (4' 1 1/4")

4-Wheel Alignment Wheelbase

Maximum 162" (13' 6")

Minimum 81" (6' 9")
2-Wheel Alignment Wheelbase

Maximum 187" (15' 7")

Minimum 81" (6' 9")

Runway Length223" (18' 7")

Width Between Runway Rails 39 1/8" (3' 3 1/8")

Outside Runway to Outside Runway82 1/2" (6' 10 1/2")

Runway Width19 3/4"
Thickness of Runway 8 3/8"
Width Between Runways42 5/8" (3' 6 5/8")

Height of ColumnsRear: 89" (7' 5")

Front: 99 3/4" (8' 3 3/4")

Column DimensionRear: 6" X 9 1/2"

Front: 7 1/2" X 11"
Base of ColumnRear: 12 1/2" X 14 1/4"

Front: 17 3/4" X 21 3/4"
Clearance Between ColumnsRear: 113 7/8" (9' 5 7/8")

Front: 110 1/8" (9' 2 1/8")
Outside Column to Outside ColumnRear: 125 3/4" (10' 5 3/4")

Front: 125 1/8" (10' 5 1/8")

Oil Requirement3-5 Gallons AW32/AW46
Shipping Weight:3,500 lbs.


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Atlas® Garage Pro 14KOF-EXT Cylinder Bleeding Procedure

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