Atlas® Adjustable Center Post Adapter

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Atlas® Center Post Adapter:

The Atlas® adjustable center post adapter (CPA) was designed to eliminate the possibility of jaw damage to automotive rims and increase the wheel capacity of just about any wheel clamp tire changer.

The expensive custom wheels found on many of today’s vehicles cannot be clamped from the inside of the wheel and must be clamped from the “outside in”. When custom wheels are clamped in this manner, the metal jaws can easily be damage the rim.

Wheel clamp tire changers use a powerful side bead breaker that allows the operator to "break the bead" of the custom wheels without damage. The side bead breaker allows the operator to guide the bead breaking shoe to touch only the “rubber sidewall” and not the metal rim.

Once the bead is loosened, the wheel is secured to the top of the turntable with the moveable jaws. Many tire changers have a limited clamping range due to the size of the sliding jaw cylinders. There are optional “slide on” jaw adapters to increase or decrease the jaw clamping range of most tire changers. These adapters are expensive and still depend on the metal jaws to clamp the outside of the rim.

The Atlas® center post adapter allows the operator to secure almost any diameter of wheel to a wheel clamp tire changer without the risk of “jaw” damage.

The center post adapter is held securely into place with the turntable jaws of the tire changer. The wheel (after the tire bead has been loosened) is placed onto the center post adapter’s protective surface. The adjustable positioning pin is placed through a lug hole. The non-mar cone is placed into the center hole and the threaded shaft is locked into position. The quick nut is tightened to secure the wheel and the tire is ready to be changed.

The Atlas® center post adapter eliminates the risk of “jaw damage” and also INCREASES the size if wheel that can be changed, because the clamping range is not dependent on the range of the sliding jaw.

The Atlas® CPA makes it possible for anyone in your shop to change decorative wheels easily and without risk of jaw damage to the edge of the rims. Composite rims or decorative rims with paper thin edges are easily mounted on the Atlas® center post adapter.

If your old wheel clamp tire changer has limited jaw clamping range, invest in an Atlas® center post adapter and put that old tire changer back into service. The Atlas® center post adapter allows 30 inch rims to be changed on tire changers with a jaw clamping range of only 20 inches. If you can position your mount/demount head over the edge of the rim…you can probably change the tire mounted on that rim. The Atlas® CPA is the perfect choice for those shops that do not want to invest in a larger tire changer, but want the capabilities of changing the new larger decorative rims found on many vehicles.

Atlas® Low Profile Adapter:

The Low Profile Adapter has been added to the Atlas® CPA package to “lower the turntable height” of reverse mount wheels in relationship to the mount/demount head. Reverse-mount wheels as wide as 10” are no problem to mount and demount when used with the Low Profile Adapter. The Atlas® CPA allows the operator to maximize all the benefits of a wheel clamp tire changer…without risk of the wheel clamps damaging the rims. The wheel clamps of the tire changer never touch the expensive rim. The Atlas® CPA is the perfect option for your Atlas® wheel clamp tire changer and can also be used with just about any wheel clamp tire changer to increase the rim size capabilities.

Shipping Weight: 68 LBS.

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