Atlas® Alignment Calibration Bar
(401, 501, and 601)

The Atlas® calibration fixture system allows the owner of an Atlas® Edge 401, Atlas® Edge 501, or Atlas® Edge 601 computer alignment machine to perform sensor calibration procedures in his shop. The Atlas® calibration system is easy to use and takes less than 15 minutes to calibrate all four sensor heads. The entire calibration procedure is included in the software and the step by step (on screen) instructions are easy to view and understand.

The Atlas® alignment machines rarely need calibration, but many of our customers want the ability to perform “proactive scheduled maintenance” to make sure their equipment is always in perfect operating condition.

Other customers may just want to perform a yearly checkup on their alignment equipment, so they do not want to make an outright purchase of the calibration fixture.

Greg Smith Equipment offers the calibration fixture for sale (at a discounted price) when the customer buys their Atlas® alignment machine, or the customer may "rent" the calibration fixture for two days for a small daily fee. (Customer will also be responsible for all UPS shipping charges and insurance).

All Atlas® wheel service equipment is designed so that our customers can identify issues and make simple repairs in their own shops. There is no need for “waiting on the little white van” and paying exorbitant service call charges. If you can repair a car, then calibrating your Atlas® alignment machine will be a snap.

Manuals/Assembly Guides
Calibration Bar Leveling Distance470 KB1Download
Atlas Edge 401 & 601 Calibration Guide1.7 MB22Download

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