Atlas® Aluminum Bead Seater

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The new lightweight (ABS-AL7) Atlas® Bead Seater delivers a large volume of air in a very short amount of time to help seat the beads on the most stubborn of tires, from small passenger tires up to large over the road semi tires. The seven (7) gallon capacity delivers a huge volume of high pressured air in an incredible short amount of time. The ABS-AL7 weighs only 13 pounds (about 50% of the weight of the Atlas® ABS) and has an extra large valve and nozzle assembly to deliver the most amount of air in the shortest amount of time. More volume and less weight makes the Atlas® ABS-AL7 the perfect choice for any tire shop who works on truck tires, either in their shop or “on the road”.

The Aluminum Bead Seater has an option, at the inlet valve, to install a quick connect for faster fill-ups. There is a Silver Allen Head Screw opposite the Schrader Valve that can be removed and replaced with a ¼” NPT Quick Connect.

The ABS-AL7 works well on ATV tires all the way to and including semi truck tires.

If your tire changer does not have a built in bead blaster, (or the bead blaster is just not getting the job done) then the ABS-AL7 is the perfect choice to help seat the beads on many stiff sidewall tires.

  • Seats beads safely and on "hard to seat" beads.
  • Portable and easy to use.
  • 7 gallon lightweight aluminum air tank (13 pounds) is designed to help seat the beads on ATV tires up to and including large semi truck tires.
  • The "rim-stop" tab on the steel inflation barrel is rubber coated to prevent rim damage.
  • The smooth lever action on the ball valve immediately discharges the in-tank air to "blast" the air cavity of the tire and seat the beads quickly.
  • The external air gauge displays the air pressure inside the aluminum 7 gallon air tank.
  • Pop off (safety) valve is set to release at 160 PSI.
  • Schrader valve allows quick filling of tank through standard air chuck.
  • Shipping Weight: 16 LBS.
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