Atlas® Apex 10 ALI Certified Overhead 10,000 lbs. Capacity Adjustable Height 2 Post Lift

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The Same as "The Original"...Only Different

The ALI CERTIFIED Atlas® APEX 10 was engineered and built to offer a commercial grade above ground lift to those customers who have "fallen in love" with the reliability offered by the Double S column design and symmetric columns. Tens of thousands of above ground lifts incorporating the Double S column design have been sold worldwide over the past two decades. The Double S column design was so revolutionary, that it was protected by a patent. That patent has now expired.

The Atlas® Apex 10 can be installed with the columns positioned symmetrically or asymmetrically. When the Apex columns are installed in the asymmetrical configuration, there may be some benefit to open car doors. When the Apex columns are installed in the symmetric configuration there is more width between the columns. Please check the specifications page and picture gallery to determine which height setting and column configuration (asymmetrical or symmetrical) would be the best for your application. Both column configurations offer easy vehicle access and superior vehicle lift point support due to the three stage front arm design.

The Atlas® Apex 10 features three (3) stage telescoping front arms, double screw rubber/metal adapters with truck height extensions, protective rubber pads mounted to the carriage , rubber column guards, and a price that cannot be matched.

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Compare the Atlas® Apex 10 to "The Original" and you will discover that you really do get MORE lift with MORE features at a MUCH BETTER PRICE when you buy the Atlas® brand.

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Atlas® Apex-10 Plus Specifications
Capacity10,000 LB.10,000 LB.
Lifting Time
Ask Your SalespersonAsk Your Salesperson
Front Arm Length
(43 1/2" - Max); (22" - Min); (31 1/4" - Mid)
Rear Arm Length
(58" - Max); (35" - Min)
Overall Height With Cylinder148" (12' 4")148" (12' 4")*
Overall Height139 7/8" (11' 7 7/8") 135 7/8" (11' 3 7/8")*
Overall Width
139" (11' 7") (Asymmetrical)
137 1/2" (11' 5 1/2") (Symmetrical)

Outside Column to Outside Column130" (10' 10") (Asymmetrical)
129 1/4" (10' 7") (Symmetrical)
Maximum Lift Height (With Adapters)
81 1/2" (6' 9 1/2")
(highest pad setting)
79 1/4" (6' 7 1/4")
(lowest pad setting)
81 1/2" (6' 9 1/2")
(highest pad setting)
79 1/4" (6' 7 1/4")
(lowest pad setting)
Maximum Lift Height
(Without Adapters)
70" (5' 10") (lowest pad setting),
72 1/2" (6' 1/2") (highest pad setting)
70" (5' 10") (lowest pad setting),
72 1/2" (6' 1/2") (highest pad setting)
Pad Height4"
Adapter Heights3" & 6"
Minimum Arm Height4 1/2"
Between Columns107 3/4" (8' 11 3/4") (Asymmetrical)
112 1/2" (9' 4 1/2") (Symmetrical)
Column Size
10 1/4" x 7"
Drive Through91" (7' 7") (Asymmetrical)
99 1/2" (8' 3 1/2") (Symmetrical)
Base of Lift18" x 15"
Shut-Off Height134 1/4" (11' 2 1/4")130 1/4" (10' 10 1/4")*
Cable.315" (8mm)
Column Thickness of Steel
6mm / double S column design increases column strength
Carriage Thickness of SteelFrame: 8mm
Yoke: 16mm
Arms Thickness of SteelFrame: 6mm
Telescopic Arm: 8mm
Shipping Weight1,750 Lbs.

Requires a minimum of 4" of concrete with 3000 psi.

All lifts come with a step by step instruction manual.

*Requires the purchase of additional shorter cables.

*Overall height with cylinder remains the same.

Manuals/Assembly Guides
Atlas® Apex-10 Manual1.6 MB75View
Wiring Guide for TMC-18 Contactor170 KB1View
Learn how to make the lift 'shorter' than the factory's recommended height
Can I Mount The Power Unit On Any Column?

NO…but YES. Most lifts have only one column that can be used to mount the power unit.
This column has the mounting bracket. Make sure that you install that specific column on the side where you want to locate the power unit.

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Good lift


I've had it for a few months now picks up my one ton diesel dump trucks with no issue. Also very easy to put cars on it to unlike most truck lifts. Great all around lift for the money

Great Product, Great quality, Best Price!


This is a well built, well designed and strong heavy duty lift. For the most part it is already mostly pre-assembled other than some final brackets and cross beams to add, and of course the motor. My wife and I were able to install it by ourselves. Greg Smith has always been my "go-to" source when I want a great product, a the best price and shipped the least expensive way possible. And they have most everything in stock. And if you need anything, they are there to help right away.