Atlas Cyclops Alignment Machine With IC3D TowerFree Technology


One Camera (Cyclops), TowerFree™ camera positioning, 10 ring 3-D sensors, and IC3D software technology:

After almost 20 years, a revolutionary new 3-D system is now available. Introducing the Atlas® Cyclops 3-D TowerFree™ Camera alignment system featuring IC3D technology. We won’t bore you with all the scientific mumbo jumbo as to why the Cyclops 3-D alignment system can provide the same accurate information (as the old school 3-D camera alignment systems) at a lower cost and with less effort. We will explain (in simple layman’s terms) why the Cyclops is able to outperform Hunter® and John Bean®.

Atlas® offers both a CCD (Atlas® 401) and a 3-D camera system (Cyclops). Compare CCD and 3-D systems.

The Atlas® Cyclops has a built-in InstaCheck feature that allows the operator to “measure alignment angles” in less than 80 seconds.

To further enhance an already great value you may choose between several premium options that are usually reserved for high end machines costing $25,000 or more. Among these options are:

Worried about bay space? An Atlas Alignment System allows the customer to utilize a minimum amount of space and still be able to align the smallest foreign car all the way up to a one ton dual rear wheel pickup truck.

What don't you like about your present fixed tower 3-D camera alignment system? Thousands of 3-D camera TOWER alignment machines have been sold in the last 20 years. Hunter® and John Bean® have done a wonderful job convincing customers that a 3-D camera TOWER system is much more accurate than a portable CCD alignment system. We disagree, but rather than argue with the thousands of satisfied 3-D camera tower alignment customers, we decided to build a 3-D camera alignment system that was 100% user friendly. Rather than just copying the status quo 3-D camera TOWER system, we asked dozens of current 3-D alignment owners what features “they would change” in their current 3-D camera TOWER system.

If we were going to build a new product, we thought it best to “engineer out” as many of the “unwanted” features as possible and “engineer in” every possible feature that would make new 3-D camera system the absolute best.

Listed below (in no particular order) are customer responses to the question
“What don’t you like about your present 3-D tower camera alignment system?”

  • Too Expensive

  • Camera tower system takes up too much bay space.

  • Lift must be raised to a specific height for cameras to obtain "readings" or tower must be "adjustable" so the camera height can be matched with lift height. (Increases price of 3-D alignment system)

  • Operator must roll the heavy vehicle back and forth on alignment lift for cameras to "recognize" sensor's 3-D image.

  • Cameras do not always recognize the 3-D image on the rollback.

  • Must buy an extra long alignment lift to accommodate longer vehicles that need to be "rolled". Extra long vehicles that do not fit on alignment rack cannot be aligned.

  • Tower is not portable, so only the bay with the camera tower can be used for alignments.

  • Flashing red lights are annoying.

  • Columns on four post lifts interfere with camera and sensor communication.

  • Operator must walk from vehicle to tower computer keyboard or mouse to access computer information.

  • Four point clamp system takes too long to install; especially on custom wheels.

  • Must buy all accessories from manufacturer. All printers, computers, and monitors are proprietary.

  • Service calls are very expensive and the down time is lost profit for our company.

  • We addressed each of the “issues” listed above. Click here to learn more.

    Technical Specifications
    Technical DataAccuracyMeasuring RangeTotal Measuring Range
    Front Axle
    Total Toe+/- 2'+/- 2°+/- 20°
    Partial Toe+/- 1'+/- 1°+/- 20°
    Set-Back+/- 2'+/- 2°+/- 5°
    Camber+/- 2'+/- 2°+/- 10°
    Caster+/- 5'+/- 10°+/- 18°
    King-Pin+/- 5'+/- 10°+/- 18°
    Rear Axle
    Total Toe+/- 2'+/- 2°+/- 20°
    Partial Toe+/- 1'+/- 1°+/- 20°
    Set-Back+/- 2'+/- 2°+/- 5°
    Camber+/- 2'+/- 3°+/- 10°
    Thrust Angle+/- 2'+/- 2°+/- 5°
    Manuals/Assembly Guides

    Atlas® Cyclops Quick Start Guide1.2 MB14View
    Atlas® Cyclops Manual2.3 MB76View


    The Atlas® Cyclops 3D TowerFree Alignment System
    The Atlas® Cyclops With IC3D TowerFree Technology
    The Atlas® Cyclops InstaCheck System
    Asymmetric vs. Symmetric
    Cut Out The Middleman's Profits!

    Our top of the line Atlas® EDGE 501 machine sells for about $12,000. The BIG NAME competition's top of the line alignment machines sell for over $25,000. What value do you receive when you pay two times the money for a Big RED alignment machine?

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