Atlas E-Z Arm

The Atlas E-Z arm is the perfect addition to the Atlas 755 tilt back tire changers. The Atlas E-Z arm (mounted on the right side) performs almost all the same functions as the dual arms.

The air powered cylinder delivers immense power to each of the three "helper" accessory functions located on the Atlas E-Z arm. A simple air valve toggle control is located on the top of the arm.

All of the accessories can be "moved out of the way" when not in use.

The Atlas E-Z arm may only be used on "tilt back" Atlas tire changers.

The adjustable bead roller presses (and holds) the stiff top tire bead below the surface of the rim to allow the mount/demount head to work properly.

The lower bead shoe lifts the lower bead into the drop center of the rim to assist the operator in removing stiff sidewall tires from rims.

The plastic head on the expandable bead arm keeps downward pressure on the top bead (with the adjustable screw) as it rotates away from the mount/demount head.