Atlas® Edge 501 Wireless 8 Camera Alignment Machine With FastClamps And Turntables

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Atlas® Edge 501 Wireless BlueTooth® 8 Camera Alignment System With FastClamps And Turntables:

Backed by AMERICAN service and support and built by one of Europe's oldest and leading manufacturers comes the new Atlas 501 Bluetooth Series alignment system. Precision accuracy and ultra quick measuring times are now possible at an extremely low and affordable cost. This system is fully equipped...not stripped. Our 8CCD Bluetooth wireless sensor heads are accurate and reliable and each head is a fully functional remote control. By establishing a measuring path for all four sides of the vehicle this system is capable of additional collision measurements and calibration tracking.

To further enhance an already great value you may choose between several premium options that are usually reserved for high end machines costing $25,000 or more. Among these options are:

Why spend more when you can have the performance you need for less? Your customers really do not care which brand aligner you own, whether it is red in color or blue, or how much you paid for it. They depend on you to provide them with wheel alignment service that delivers acceptable tire wear, a straight steering wheel, and proper driving and handling.

The Atlas® Edge 501 has deluxe cabinetry and includes a color printer, an LCD monitor, and a keyboard. The 501 cabinet utilizes lithium batteries with charging cables for battery recharging.

Why do I need an 501 alignment system?

The Atlas® 501 is the perfect choice for quick reliable “dead-nut” alignment “full body” accuracy for an entry level price. The 501 System utilizes eight cameras (these cameras “look at each other” from both sides of the rear of the vehicle) to provide accurate measurements between rear wheels just as the two front cameras provide measurements between the front wheels. The eight camera system completes a rectangle which produces a closed 360 degree measured field.

These additional (rear) measurements allow the system to calculate not only the front wheel setback but also the rear wheel setback angle. The rear wheel setback identifies any differences in vehicle wheelbase measurements as well as axle offset. If there is a significant measureable difference in the wheel base length between the right side and left side, there is a strong possibility that the vehicle’s chassis system is not “square” and that a frame/unibody adjustment may be necessary to properly prepare the vehicle for wheel alignment. The Pro System gives you this valuable “rear” setback information at the beginning of the alignment so that the technician can either proceed with the alignment or send the vehicle back to the body shop’s frame machine for “more work”.

Frame/unibody damage is not always clearly evident upon initial visual examination. The Atlas® 501 can identify (with the eight (8) camera system) frame/unibody damage in just a matter of minutes. Once the techs are provided with accurate rear setback information as it relates to potential (or real) frame/unibody damage, all needed repairs can be evaluated and the best course of action for repair can be determined.

The Atlas® 501 is able to monitor sensor calibration status. The 8 camera system (because it provides a closed 360 degree measured field) can determine if any sensor head needs calibration and relay that information to the operator.

Worried about bay space? An Atlas Alignment System allows the customer to utilize a minimum amount of space and still be able to align the smallest foreign car all the way up to a one ton dual rear wheel pickup truck.

The 501 is backed by our industry leading lifetime technical support and lifetime internet based support.

If VALUE is more important to you than BRAND, then look no further than the new Atlas 501.
Manuals/Assembly Guides

Atlas® Edge 501 Quick Start Guide1 MB6View
Atlas® Edge 501 Manual2.6 MB54View
Atlas® FastClamp Parts List1 MB2View
  • Bluetooth ® Wireless Data Transmission
  • 8 Camera Optical System
  • FastClamp Three Point 12"-24" Non-Runout Wheel Clamps
  • Deluxe Cabinetry With Printer Drawer
  • Lightweight (8 LB.) Sensor Heads
  • Printer, LCD Monitor, Keyboard
  • Lipless Wheel Adapters
  • 2 Heavy Duty Turntables Included
  • 1 Brake Pedal Depressor
  • 1 Steering Wheel Lock
  • Wireless App Compatible
  • Vast Vehicle Database
  • Simple 4 Key Operation From Console Or From Any Sensor Head
  • Spoiler Program For Low Air Dams
  • FREE Software Updates - Click Here
  • Made in Europe
  • Shipping Weight: 400 LBS.
Asymmetric vs. Symmetric
Cut Out The Middleman's Profits!

Our top of the line Atlas® EDGE 501 machine sells for about $12,000. The BIG NAME competition's top of the line alignment machines sell for over $25,000. What value do you receive when you pay two times the money for a Big RED alignment machine?

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