Atlas® Garage Pro 8000 Portable Hobbyist 8,000 Lbs. Capacity 4 Post Lift

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Greg Smith Equipment is proud to announce the arrival of the newest in our Atlas® series of quality lifts:

The Atlas® Garage Pro 8,000 LB. capacity 4 post storage/service lift.

Greg Smith Equipment believes that the Atlas® brand above ground auto lift offers a competitive priced above ground auto lift that offers more features and benefits than the ever increasing number of "economy" auto lifts sold by no-name Internet marketers.

The portable Atlas® Garage Pro 8000 includes a caster kit with polyurethane wheels. The caster kit can be installed or removed in just a matter of minutes and requires no tools.

All Atlas® portable four post lifts (8,000 lb. capacity) are designed and built for use by Mr. Homeowner or restoration shop. These lifts are not designed to work in commercial repair shops that raise and lower a lift several times per day. If you have questions about which lift will best suit your application, please ask your salesperson.

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Atlas® Garage Pro 8,000 Specifications

Capacity8,000 LB
Lifting Height To Top Of Runway72" (6')
Clearance Under Runways67 1/2" (5' 7 1/2")
Height of Columns83" (6' 11")
Overall Width (Without Motor)104 3/8" (8' 8 3/8")
Overall Width (With Motor)114" (9' 6")
Overall Length with Approach Ramps207 1/2" (17' 3 1/2 ")
Overall Length without Approach Ramps 175 1/2" (14' 7 1/2")
Approach Ramps 37" (3' 1")
Runway Width18 1/2" (1' 6 1/2")
Runway Length165 1/2" (13' 9 1/2 ")
Runway Thickness 4 ½"
Width Between Runways37 3/8"
Width Between Runway Rails31 3/4"
Outside Runway to Outside Runway74 3/4" (6' 2 1/4")
Size of Column6 1/4" x 3 3/8"
Clearance Between Columns94 1/2" (7' 10 1/2")
Length Between Columns157 1/2" (13' 1 1/2")
Base of Column10 1/8" x 11 3/4"
Maximum Wheel Base153 1/2" (12' 9 1/2")
Drive Thru (Outside of tire to outside of tire)80 1/2" (6' 8 1/2")
Cable Diameter.350"
Gauge Of Steel6 Gauge (.1875"/ 3/16" / 4.75mm)
Motor110 Volt. A 30 amp breaker is required.
Oil Requirement3-5 Gallons AW32/AW46
Shipping Weight1,720 LB.

Locking Positions Under Runway
(+/ - 2")
Locking Positions Top Of Runway
(+/ - 2")
19 ½"24"
25 ½"30"
31 ½"36"
37 ½"42"
43 ½"48"
49 ½"54"
55 ½"60"
61 ½"66"
67 ½"72"
Manuals/Assembly Guides

Atlas® Garage Pro 8,000 Manual1 MB41View
Atlas® Garage Pro 8,000 Cylinder Bleeding Procedure
(Do this immediately after installation)
145 KB2View

Atlas® Garage Pro Series Caster Kit

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Garage Pro 8000


I purchased my lift a few months ago and it is without a doubt the best purchase for my shop I have ever made. I am retired and the lift makes working on my 56 Chevrolet so much easier. I can tackle jobs I would normally have to send out. The quality is superb and it has worked flawlessly since day one. It arrived three days after I placed my order and I have never needed customer service because everything has worked great.

Amazing lift amazing price


This lift turned my 3 car garage into a 4 car garage. It's super easy to use & well worth the money! Too bad I can't leave a pic to show you...

Great Lift, Great Installation and Reasonable Price


Just had this lift installed in my home/hobbyist garage. Works great and looks beautiful. The installers were professional and did a great job. I highly recommend this as opposed to storing your car somewhere in the off season. I couldn't be more pleased and my college aged son is thrilled he can save money and time and work on his own car in the comfort of the garage!

Garage Pro 8000


I bought one of these last year for my house to add storage space for yet another car, and it's been fantastic. I picked it up myself at the Maryland warehouse and assembled it myself with the help of my son. We had it off the trailer and ready to use in just under 4 hours. It goes together very intuitively. The only issue I have: the grease nipples supplied for the cable pulleys don't fit the threaded holes. So I had to source proper fittings. Otherwise, I love this lift. I also have a heavier duty Bendpak, but this one suits me much better.<br>I attended Corvettes at Carlisle a week after I got my Atlas. They were there offering the same lift as mine for $100 less. Tried to get a refund or at least a store credit, but to no avail. What's up with that GS?<br>Anyway, it's a lot of lift for the money.

Hobbyist lift


I purchased the Atlas Garage Pro 8000 as a kit that included the RJ-35 sliding jacks so I could park more cars in my garage. So far I have been very pleased with the lift. It does exactly what I needed it to, and the price is great for this product. Overall, for the price and for a hobbyist (light use), this is the perfect jack.

Very satisfied


I purchased two of these along with an Atlas 2 post about 7 months ago. I use these primarily for storage, oil changes, and quick inspections. I was able to assemble these by myself with the help of an engine hoist, but the instructions did leave something to be desired. I would however recommended having someone to assist you during assembly for your own safety. If you are a serious hobbyist, you will probably be able to assemble with the included instructions, if not I'm sure a call to Greg Smith can answer any assembly questions. Both lifts operate smoothly, and the casters allow easy movement of the lift. Note that it is very important to be sure the lift is properly leveled (as with any lift). Overall I am very pleased with the quality and functionality of these unts and have recommended them to family and friends.

Nice lift


The lift seems pretty well thought out and to be a quality piece. Comparing to other manufacturers builds shows very similar designs. The finish is ok but structurally seems very sound. Only major complaint is that when I went to the depot to pick it up the gentlemen loading it damaged the powdercoating on this lift and the 2 post lift I purchased. Employees need to be much more careful when handling these items.

great lift


great lift - works perfect. Great value for the money.

ATLAS 8000


The lift is excellent, and will be perfect for my purpose of occasional use and storage. I would say that the arrival condition and the directions do not really match up. For example the directions discuss the assembled posts but they are not assembled and the tops are interchangeable left and right which was not noticed at first. All in all it was relatively easy to assemble and there is a U-tube video out there which when combined with the instructions and common sense makes the project fun.

4 post lift


Install went great the guys from Portland did a good job of delivery and setup. I am using the lift at this time for storage. A 32 Ford roadster on top and a 32 Ford 3 window coupe underneath.. I have a 2 post lift in the main building. But a 4 post loads the suspension for wheel tire / stance. I now have the best of both world .<br>Price was right as was the delivery and install.<br><br>Roger<br>Rogers Customs <br>Albany Oregon