Atlas® Garage Pro 8000 EXT Portable Hobbyist 8,000 Lbs. Capacity 4 Post Lift

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The Atlas® Garage Pro 8000 EXT is a true 8,000 LB. four post lift. The Atlas® Garage Pro 8000 EXT incorporates many of the great features of both the Atlas® Garage Pro 8000 and the Atlas® Garage Pro 9000.

Many of our customers drive an SUV or pick up truck and wanted a storage lift that would "go higher" to allow them to park their taller vehicles under the elevated ramps.

Many of our competitors sell "taller" lifts. However, their "taller" lifts also have longer runways. Our customers requested that we make a lift which lifts higher, but does not need to have longer ramps. (Longer ramps take up needed garage space). Most customers want to store a car on top and park a SUV or pick up truck below. There is no need for longer ramps. Our Atlas® Garage Pro 8000 EXT ramps will accommodate a vehicle with a 156 inch wheel base. The Atlas® Garage Pro 8000 EXT has been engineered to provide 79" of clearance UNDER the bottom of the raised runway, but keep the runway length to just less than 14 feet long.

If you need the extra lifting height of the Atlas® Garage Pro 9000, but do not need the extra width and runway length provided by that lift, then the NEW Atlas® Garage Pro 8000 EXT is the perfect choice.

The Atlas® Garage Pro 8000 EXT is capable of lifting your pick up truck or car 84 1/4 inches. This above ground lift is the perfect choice for storing your vehicle. The extended height feature of the Atlas® Garage Pro 8000 EXT Plus makes this lift the perfect choice for parking taller vehicles under stored vehicles.

The Atlas® Garage Pro 8000 EXT comes standard with a powerful 110 volt power unit. A 30 amp breaker is required.

The portable Atlas® Garage Pro 8000 EXT includes a caster kit with polyurethane wheels. The caster kit can be installed or removed in just a matter of minutes and requires no tools.

All Atlas® portable four post lifts (8,000 lb. capacity) are designed and built for use by Mr. Homeowner or restoration shop. These lifts are not designed to work in commercial repair shops that raise and lower a lift several times per day. If you have questions about which lift will best suit your application, please ask your salesperson.

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Atlas® Garage Pro 8000 EXT Specifications

Capacity8,000 LB
Lifting Height84 1/4" (7' 1/4")
Overall Width (Without Motor)104 3/8" (8' 8 3/8")
Overall Width (With Motor)114" (9' 6")
Length Between Columns157 1/2" (13' 1 1/2 ")
Overall Length with Approach Ramps207 1/2" (17' 3 ½ ")
Overall Length without Approach Ramps 175 ½" (14' 7 ½")
Approach Ramps 36 3/8" (3' 3/8")
Total Runway Width21 1/4" (1' 9 1/4 ")
Runway Length165 1/2" (13' 9 ½ ")
Runway Thickness 4 1/2"
Width Between Runways37 3/8"
Width Between Runway Rails31 3/4"
Outside Runway to Outside Runway74 3/4" (6' 2 ¼")
Clearance Under Runways79" (6' 7")
Size of Column6 1/4" x 3 3/8"
Clearance Between Columns94 3/8" (7' 10 3/8")
Base of Column9 5/8" x 11 1/2"
Height of Columns98 1/2" (8' 2 1/2")
Maximum Wheel Base153 ½" (12' 9 ½")
Drive Thru (Outside of tire to outside of tire)80 ½ " (6' 8 ½ ")
Cable Diameter.350"
Gauge Of Steel6 Gauge (.1875"/ 3/16" / 4.75mm)
Motor110 Volt. A 30 amp breaker is required.
Oil Requirement3-5 Gallons AW32/AW46
Shipping Weight1,739 LB.

11 Locking Positions Under Runway
(+/ - 2")
11 Locking Positions Top Of Runway
(+/ - 2")
19" (1' 7")24 1/4" (2' 1/4")
25" (2' 1")30 1/4" (2' 6 1/4")
31" (2' 7")36 1/4" (3' 1/4")
37" (3' 1")42 1/4" (3' 6 1/4")
43" (3' 7")48 1/4" (4' 1/4")
49" (4' 1")54 1/4" (4' 6 1/4")
55" (4' 7")60 1/4" (5' 1/4")
61" (5' 1")66 1/4" (5' 6 1/4")
67" (5' 7")72 1/4" (6' 0 1/4")
73" (6' 1")78 1/4" (6' 6 1/4")
79" (6' 7")84 1/4" (7' 1/4")
Manuals/Assembly Guides
Atlas® Garage Pro 8,000 EXT Manual1.1 MB46View
Atlas® Garage Pro 8,000 EXT Cylinder Bleeding Procedure
(Do this immediately after installation)
145 KB2View
Atlas® Garage Pro Series Caster Kit0:42Watch

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Great Lift and Smooth Operation

by -

I bought this lift to put my Vette in the air and keep my Silverado 2500 under it. It works great for ALL my jobs, my Silverado goes in and out with no problems. It's easy to operate, multiple locking levels, and easy to operate. My only concern has been reaching the locking lever when all the way up, wish there was an easy fix to streaching so high? I'm not a youngster any more. A very nice product, easy to assemble and easy to roll around. Works for me every time I need it!

So good, purchased a second one!

by -

Great product overall, and since I'm 6' tall it was an easy decision to go for the "extra tall" lift.<br>Having the other lift to look at (and having assembled it myself), assembly was straightforward -- however if it's your first, you'll find the "assembly instructions" are fairly slim on structured information and really have no recommended sequence of assembly. DO print out what's on-line on this site, AND check out the on-line (YouTube, independent postings) videos before proceeding.<br>For assembly, having done the first one with an engine hoist, the second was much easier with a gantry/trolley portable hoist. Be sure you have at least 1,000 lb. capacity since the heaviest piece at well over 500 lb. (estimated) is packed on the top of the bundle. Four strong friends can substitute for the hoist, of course...and keep them around to flip over the heavier ramp after you deploy the cables.<br>Would I buy it again? Heck, already did!

Excellent Product

by -

Have now purchased three 4-post lifts from Greg Smith. Can't beat the quality for the price. I highly recommend the EXT lift to get the extra height as it really comes in handy and is only a couple of hundred more. <br><br>I've assembled a couple of the lifts myself solo and that is always a bit tricky as the installation instructions aren't the best, but it can be done. For my last lift, I hired one of their recommended installers and it was well worth the price to have it delivered and installed in just a couple of hours and saved me the back pain. <br><br>I'm a hobbyist, so the lifts are primarily used throughout the year for storage. Again, for the price, the lifts are a great value and perfect for my use. Don't waste your money on the expensive "red" or "blue" lifts. These lifts have been flawless for many years and are super easy to operate.

Overall nice lift

by -

So far I like the lift. Goes high enough to get my ram 1500 under it. As another reviewer stated the instructions aren't very clear. You tend to put things together and then have to take apart to put another piece in. Also didn't come with instructions so you have to download them and read on your phone which was a little hard to read. Would have gave 5 stars if the instructions were better. Also check all the cable routing before using. They tend to move in transit and one ended up crossed which I had to remove a pully to fix.