Atlas® MC-XLT Kit

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The Atlas® MC-XLT adapter kit will allow your Atlas® (passenger and light truck) computer wheel balancer to balance a variety of motorcycle wheels with hub assemblies up to 11 inches wide with this Atlas® MC-XLT Kit and up to 13.75 inches wide* with the XLT Extension Nut. The Atlas® MC-XLT adapter kit quickly installs in all Atlas® (passenger and light truck) computer wheel balancers. A simple sixty second procedure will allow you to change from the original (car-light truck) shaft that came with your balancer to the MC-XLT adapter kit. The MC adapter kit is designed to balance wheels with a center hole diameter from .75 inches (19MM) to 1.5 inches (38.1MM)


*All custom wheels do not mount the same. Some larger custom wheels may require the optional XLT Extension Nut for proper mounting.

Atlas® MC-XLT Kit Quick Start Guide420 KB5Download

  • .75 inch (19MM) diameter 12 inch long shaft
  • Cones
  • Spacers
  • Cushioned Adapters
  • Balanced Wing Nut
  • Measuring Gauge Extension Rod

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