Atlas® Manual Bead Roller Arm

Product Code: #ATTC-BPT

The Atlas® manual bead roller (MBR) is an inexpensive upper bead pressing tool that REALLY WORKS. The MBR is perfect for those service centers that do not specialize in stiff sidewall tires, but want to be prepared for the occasional hard to change stiff side wall tire.

The Atlas® MBR works best when used with the Atlas® hands free clamp.

The Atlas® MBR can be adapted to almost every brand of wheel clamp tire changer. The Atlas® MBR can be stored on the tire changer for easy accessibility.

  • Exerts heavy pressure on top bead during
  • Perfect for stiff sidewall low profile tires
  • Provides space between top bead and rim which
    allows mounting head to operate properly
  • Fits most Brands of wheel clamp tire changers
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    This thing works surprisingly well. Will let you do stiff low profile and runflats on most rim clamp machines.

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    I bought this to use on my old Ranger conventional rim clamp tire machine, for use with stiff low profile performance tires and runflats. When used in conjunction with one or two drop center helper clamps and plenty of euro tire lube, this manual bead roller makes stiff low profile tires much easier to mount and less likely for the bead to pop off the duckhead. For such a basic, inexpensive accessory, this manual bead roller works very well - way better than I expected. If you use a conventional rim clamp tire machine for low profile tires and struggle with keeping the bead tucked under the duckhead, you will appreciate this accessory.