Atlas® Mobile Column Lifts Vs. Heavy Duty Four Post Lifts

The Atlas® Mobile Column Lift Systems offer a distinct advantage over traditional heavy duty 4-post lifts. Heavy Duty 4-post lifts normally come in sizes such as 18,000 lb. capacity, 27,000 lb. capacity, 35,000 lb. capacity and 40,000 lb. capacity. You might also find heavy duty 4-post lifts rated at 20,000 lb. capacity, 25,000 lb. capacity, or some variation thereof. The Atlas® 36,000 lb. Mobile Column Lift System has a rating of 9,000 lb. per column - for total capacities of 36,000 lb. total with four columns. The Atlas® 64,000 lb. Mobile Column Lift, Atlas® 76,000 lb. Mobile Column Lift and Atlas® 90,000 lb. Mobile Column Lift have ratings significantly higher.

It is important to remember that Atlas® Mobile Column Lift Systems are rated per column. Think about weight distribution of your vehicle before choosing your Moble Column Lift.

That being said, all of the Atlas® Mobile Column Lifts and Lift Systems offer a significant advantage over the standard 4-post heavy duty lift.

Some of the KEY Advantages of a Mobile Column lift over a Heavy Duty 4 post Lift include:

  • Unlimited Wheel Base – some of the heavy duty four post lifts are offered in extended length versions for extra money. There is no need to spend extra money for an extended length version Mobile Column lifts – the mobile column lifts are Mobile and therefore the wheel base is essentially ‘limitless’.
  • Portability – heavy duty 4 post truck lifts are VERY cumbersome and take up lots of valuable shop space. An Atlas® mobile column lift is portable. Enough said.
  • Price – Atlas® mobile column lifts are priced at the same price or lower than most heavy duty 4 post lifts with comparable capacities. For example, a 35,000 lb. capacity heavy duty extended length four post lift can run anywhere from $19,000 to $25,000, while an Atlas® 36,000 LB. Mobile Column Lift System (36,000 lb. total capacity),is priced at just $17,995.

  • For more information on Atlas® mobile column lifts, please contact Greg Smith Equipment Sales, Inc. at 800-768-4104.