Introducing Atlas Platinum

Building on the undoubted reputation for great product and service that has become synonymous with the Atlas brand, we are excited to introduce ATLAS PLATINUM, the next level of product specification and warranty, designed to meet the needs of those customers looking for a higher grade of equipment.

The trend by some of the more traditional brand names is to source more and more components from China, and have them assembled either in the US or Europe to try and maintain the illusion of being domestically manufactured, or European. Whilst this does reduce the cost, it also compromises on quality.

We have turned that concept on its head and worked in the other direction. We have key components and materials shipped from Italy to be assembled in China, because we are in no doubt that saving money on the labor is a far safer way of protecting a product’s integrity than saving it on the quality of its components. So, all of the main elements of an Atlas Platinum product – the bits that really matter – are guaranteed to be of premium quality and, in all instances, the best available.

There is nothing throwaway or untested about an Atlas Platinum product, of that you can be certain.

The Products


Super Automatic Tire Changer with ‘LNL’ (Lever/No Lever) technology

Just check out the ability of this high-performance tire changer... An integral wheel lifter, centre-post clamping providing 30” rim capability, multi-functional twin robotic assist arms to eliminate possibility for damage or operator fatigue, ergonomic traditional bead breaker which combines operator familiarity with full capability, and our patented LNL demount head system which allows the operator to interchange between traditional bar or leverless operation at the turn of a hand!


Wheel Balancer with 2D Data Input

Compact, easy to use and capable of woking in any environment regardless of volume,the WB50 boasts an electronics assembly sourced from the same Italian supplier used by the biggest names in wheel balancer manufacturing! Rims up to 30” diameter can be balanced with speed and precision, with diameter and offset data entered automatically using the smooth and sturdy measurement and weight placement arm.


‘Classic’ Swing Arm Tire Changer

We call this ‘Classic’ because it is what most tire techs grew up on. We just took a traditional favourite and made sure it was built for todays tough tires and a heavy workload. Integral bead seating comes as standard, as does the robotic assist arm, and 24” external clamping via our unique double flange system and extra-duty turntable

Atlas Platinum PVL12

ALI Certified 12,000 lb. Capacity 2 Post Lift

The Atlas Platinum PVL12 is an ALI CERTIFIED overhead 12,000 lbs two- post lift designed to accommodate both long wheel base trucks and passenger cars. The distance between the symmetrical columns is almost 123" with a drive through space of over 108". The extra distance between the symmetrical columns will allow the widest of vehicles to be lifted.

Atlas Platinum PVL14KOF-EXT

Open Front 4 Post Certified Alignment Lift

The Atlas Platinum PVL14KOF-EXT is an ALI CERTIFIED four-post commercial grade open front alignment lift is built for years of dependable service for the busiest of automotive shops. The longer runway length can accommodate those customers who have the “Camera Tower Alignment System” and are required to “rollback” long wheel base vehicles. In addition, the PVL14 has no crossbeam in the front of the lift making all the under-car operations even easier!

Expect better

Atlas is proven. As a brand, it offers the best product and support available at entry-level. And no-one does a better job of offering low price point whilst maintaining reliability and credibility.

However, Atlas Platinum is designed for that next level of customer, capability and capacity. Build quality, specification and warranty are elevated to that of a product worthy of anybody’s attention and consideration. With Atlas Platinum, we are not here with a new generation of Atlas, we are here with a totally innovative and intensively considered range designed to storm a market sector dominated by traditional ‘names’. Names who have reduced their quality without reducing their prices, and names whose complacency and focus on cost reduction will render them ill-equipped to combat our investment and pro-activity in establishing our brand and product offering to a much more demanding customer.

Take advantage of a unique partnership

There is no smoke and mirrors – we are not concentrating on selling around your back with a ‘same product, different label’ policy.

Instead, we are focused on winning your custom by offering a ‘what you see is what you get, and you can get everything right here’ approach. Our Good (Atlas), Better (Atlas Platinum), Best (Hofmann Megaplan) policy can only help simplify by reducing the need to find multiple sources for different brands, and the need to explain to customers where those brands fit. We can supply the right product for everyone.

Next up... expect to see additional products!

We are busy working on more feature-rich versions of proven Atlas product, a well as totally new models.Product literature and videos will also available, and expert advice will be available from our knowledgeable team who are being educated and familiarized with this exciting new line-up.

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Atlas Platinum PVL12

Atlas Platinum PVL14KOF-EXT