Atlas® Quailty Wheel Balancers

Most computer wheel balancers are not made in the USA. Most Big Name wheel balancer companies have one or several models of their computer wheel balancers line made in China. Famous brand names such as Hunter ® wheel balancers, Corghi ® wheel balancers, Accu-Turn ® wheel balancers, Snap-On ® wheel balancers, Hofmann Wheel balancers ®, Ranger ® wheel balancers, and many other computer balancers manufacturers do business either directly or indirectly with Chinese manufacturers.

Many people believe that only the top quality computer wheel balancers and tire changers are manufactured in Italy. Many so-called Italian tire changers and Italian computer wheel balancers are SHIPPED to the USA from Italy...but are actually made in China. We do business directly with many of the same Chinese factories that private label for the Italian "manufacturers". Greg Smith Equipment sells the same quality equipment, but at a huge price difference.

Greg Smith Equipment is proud to provide similar equipment as some of the Big Name Brands but without the Big Name Price. We know where our equipment is made and have visited the factories and suppliers in China. Most sales people of the Big Name Brand distributors have no idea where there equipment is made. These sales people have never been to any factory that makes computer wheel balancers or tire changers. They only know to tell the potential customer to not buy any tire changer or wheel balancer that comes from China. Little do they know!

What makes the Atlas computer spin wheel balancer so superior to the other off the car computer spin balancers made in China?

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