Atlas® RJ-6000 Rolling Air/Hydraulic Center Jack 6,000 Lbs. Capacity
and Truck Adapters

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The Atlas® RJ-6000 (Air/Hydraulic) is a heavy duty rolling jack designed to lift and support 6,000 LB. The commercial grade RJ-6000 (Air/Hydraulic) rolling jack can be used to raise the front or rear portion of a vehicle; allowing the operator of a four post above ground lift to perform wheel and brake service. Most commercial shops buy two of these hydraulic rolling jacks, so that the entire vehicle can be supported in the air at the same time.

The Atlas® RJ-6000 (Air/Hydraulic) has telescoping arms that can be extended over the runways of the four post lift. The lift pads at the end of these arms can be positioned under the LIFTING POINTS that are located over the runways of the four post lift. The Atlas® RJ-6000 (Air/Hydraulic) rolling bridge is equipped with expandable supports which adjust to fit many different brands of four post above ground lifts. These supports have a unique roller system that allows the rolling hydraulic jack to glide easily under the entire length of the vehicle. The large heavy steel wheels allow the rolling jack to be positioned under the correct lifting points in a matter of seconds.

The Atlas® RJ-6000 (Air/Hydraulic) comes standard with a set of peg style truck adapters which increases the lifting height of the lift pads. These truck adapters will allow the Atlas® RJ-6000 rolling hydraulic jack to raise most pick up and larger trucks that will sit higher than the average passenger car.

The Atlas® RJ-6000 (Air/Hydraulic) is equipped with an air/hydraulic pump. The air/hydraulic pump requires a supply of compressed air (air compressor) to work properly.

Important: The Atlas® RJ-6000 is designed and engineered to operate on "delivered" air pressure of between 70-95 PSI. If you exceed 95 PSI, you may damage your jack. For more information on the recommended operating air pressure of the Atlas® RJ-6000, Click Here.

The Atlas® RJ-6000 (Air/Hydraulic) rolling hydraulic jack features two solid locking positions that are used when the vehicle is to be suspended above the runways. When the locking positions of the Atlas® RJ-6000 (Air/Hydraulic) are engaged, the hydraulic pressure from the lifting cylinder of the jack is eliminated. (These locks act much like a pair of jack stands after you lift a vehicle off the ground with a service jack).

Atlas® RJ-6000
Maximum Width55 ¾"
Minimum Width35"
Distance Between Runway Capability32"-52"
First Locking Position7"
Second Locking Position10 1/2"
Minimum Lifting Height8 1/4"
Maximum Lifting Height (With Both Adapters)21 3/4"
Lifting Pad1 1/4"
Short Adapter1 1/2"
Tall Adapter3"
Maximum Capacity6,000 LB.
Recommended Operating Pressure (PSI)70-95 PSI
Shipping Weight350 lbs.
Manuals/Assembly Guides
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  • Air/Hydraulic
  • 6,000 LB. capacity
  • RJ-6000 rolling jack color may vary: blue or black
  • Heavy duty / commercial grade
  • Scissor mechanism allows for level lifting
  • Compact size with a low profile
  • Adapters included
  • Safety lock positions
  • Smooth rolling action
  • Powder coated finish
  • Shipping Weight: 350 lbs.

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