Atlas® Right (RH) Assist Arm for Swing Arm Tire Changers

Product Code: #ATTC-RHA-SA
The Atlas® RH assist arm is the perfect complement to the Atlas® LH assist arm when you need to change extremely stiff sidewall and run flat tires. As the old saying goes "two hands (heads?) are better than one". The addition of the Atlas® RH assist arm (in conjunction with the Atlas® LH assist arm) provides unparalleled power to mount and demount the most stubborn tires.

The Atlas® RH assist arm has a separate toggle control valve that allows the operator to position the arm assembly to the correct height and then move the attachments (up or down) by applying air pressure and forcing the stiff sidewall part of the tire either on the rim or off the rim.

The oversized polyurethane bead roller moves easily across the horizontal slides to the correct position over the bead of the tire. This bead roller exerts a downward pressure on the bead so the bead stays below the rim lip as it passes over the mount/demount head.

Hose connections are well marked and the hoses are enclosed in a protective cover to prevent damage.

Shipping Weight: 169 LBS.
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