Atlas® Scissor Lift Support Bars

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The Atlas® Support Bar System is designed for use with scissor lift platforms when lifting heavier vehicles (pickup trucks and SUVs) with narrow frames.

Many larger vehicles have "narrow" frames. When you lift these vehicles with our Atlas® solid platform scissor lifts or our Atlas® wheels free system (found on our Atlas® 12K alignment scissor lifts), the vehicle’s narrow frame exerts a downward force on the inside edges of the platform. Unibody style cars have a "wider frame area" that places the majority of vehicle weight over the CENTER of the platforms.

The Atlas® Support Bar System helps to disperse the weight of the narrow frame vehicles toward the center of the platform. The Support Bar System (with the included truck adapters) also keeps the vehicle above the platform for easy access to all parts.

The lift pads are adjustable and the support bar has a solid rubber surface that prevents the bar from sliding on the smooth metal surface of the scissor platform.

Support capacity of the Atlas® Support Bar System is 8,000 pounds when used in pairs.
Atlas® Scissor Lift Support Bars Specifications
Length88 ½"
Height Without Adapters2 ¾"
Short Adapter Height
Tall Adapter Height
  • Helps distribute weight of a vehicle on the lift
  • Allows for a wider range of lift points
  • Includes 4 Short and 4 Tall Adapters
  • For use with any scissor lift
  • Shipping Dimensions: 97" x 27" x 10.5"
  • Shipping Weight: 250 lb.

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