Atlas® TD6MR 6,000 Lbs. Capacity Portable 110 Volt Scissor Lift

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The Atlas® TD6MR is a free standing 6,000 lb. capacity portable scissor lift. The Atlas® TD6MR is the perfect lift for body shops and wheel service specialists that need extra lifting height. This portable lift easily raises a 6,000 LB. car or truck to a comfortable working height. The unique platform design of the Atlas® TD6MR allows access to some areas on the underside of the car not easily accessible with other portable mid-rise lifts.

The dual power cylinders and the solid safety lock bar, with several different lock positions, make the Atlas® TD6MR one of the most popular mid-rise lifts sold in the USA and Canada.

Our Atlas® TD6MR has been thoroughly tested to meet Industry standards. The Atlas® TD6MR mid-rise lift is powered by a 110 volt power unit that is mounted on a movable cart. The power unit can be remotely located around the lift for maximum efficiency. This cart is also used to move the Atlas® TD6MR on a smooth surface. The lift can easily be rolled from an inside work bay to an outside concrete apron work area.

The Atlas® TD6MR is a complete mid-rise lift that includes one set (4) of truck adapters and another set of sliding car adapters. The arms can be adjusted to an infinite amount of positions in order to accommodate unique lifting points found on certain vehicles.

The best way to position any vehicle on a scissor lift (with horizontal cylinders) is to allow some space (2-6 inches) between the lifting surface of the lift and vehicle’s lifting points. Click here to read more.

The large “foot print” of the Atlas® Pro TD6MR creates a steady platform for the raised vehicle. The Atlas® TD6MR has a lifting height of over 53” and remains rock solid at all safety lock positions.

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Atlas® TD6MR Specifications
Capacity6,000 LB.
Height-Lowered (Swing Arms)5 ¾"
Height-Raised Maximum53 ½" (4' 5 ½")
Width39" (3' 3")
Length82" (6' 10")
Small Truck Adapter 1 ½"
Large Truck Adapter 5 ¾"
Shipping Weight1,050 LB.
Oil Requirement1.5 Gallons AW32/AW46

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  • Powder coated
  • 110V Motor (PLUG NOT INCLUDED)
  • Single point lock release
  • Commercial grade
  • Full 6,000 LB. capacity
  • Portable, easy to move
  • Two hydraulic cylinders
  • Safety locks at any work height
  • 7 locking positions
  • Truck adapters included
  • Free Standing
  • Separate motor stand included
  • 2 year structural, 2 year hydraulic limited warranty
  • Shipping Dimensions: 85" x 40" x 27"

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Great lift, Just what I needed. Stop rolling around on a creeper !

by -

Bought this lift about 3 years ago and I love it. Use it for brake jobs, oil changes, swapping winter tires and general repairs. Even did a ball joint on my wife 's blazer. I did have to build ramps out of 2x4x12s to get my corvette over it but most vehicles are no problem. I drive my lawn tractor on it for service. Put a piece of plywood on it raise it up and you have a work bench. Worth every penny. No more jack stands or auto ramps.

Awesome lift

by -

Great lift I wish I would have bought it years ago. The portability is great and still is very handy with low ceilings. Plenty of lifting power even with only being 110v. Great for brake jobs and oil changes.

Mid rise

by -

First the things that need improvement. The release cable needs to be as long as the hydraulic line and they need to be tied together. Other wise it's really a very clumsy mess.<br>The power unit needs to be mounted as low as possible on the roller stand. As it is now the stand is extremely top heavy and very prone to falling over causing damage to itself and the car it hits! Ouch!!<br>Also this lift does not do well if your jacking points are as wide as a Dodge magnum of even just a Ford Taurus. All of these are extremely easy and common sense fixes! <br>The arms do not extend very far at all. Great for a full narrow frame and not good at all on a wide unibody car.<br>I needed make up my own extenders for the front and rear mounting points on most cars! I am very Hopeful improvements will come soon and these fixes can be purchased by current owners of this lift ASAP..


by -

Well I agree with all the reviews here. The lift is an excellent investment. I do have one issue with the lift and its a pretty big issue. The lift is great for vehicles with frame rails or narrow bodies. If you have a more modern, wider or a unibody vehicle without frame rails and the pinch welds (lift points) are over 55"-58" apart, the lifting arms on this lift won't be long enough. I have two vehicles with widths over 60". What's even more unfortunate is Greg Smith doesn't sale extended arms for this lift. Fortunately though a company called JMC Equipment does sale extended arms that take the lifting width out to 68". They are $200 plus shipping for a set of four. Yes that adds to the price of this lift, but at least I'll be able to use it for all my vehicles now.

Solid lift

by -

The hardest part of installing this lift was getting it out of the back of my truck, it's heavy. Hooking up the power unit is straight forward and everything worked on the first try. My 5th gen Camaro is about 1/4" too low to clear everything, part of the issue is the angle of my driveway as I pull into the garage. 2x8 lumber was all that was need solve the problem. The safety aspect of this lift is big, no more working under cars with jack stands and it goes high enough to sit on a stool while working on a vehicle.