Atlas WA40 CCD Fully-Computerized Wheel Alignment System

Product Code: #HNWY-WA-40

Compact, low cost and incredibly easy to use, this versatile aligner uses the latest CCD technology to carry out precise wheel alignment.

The WA40 is designed to meet the needs of those who have maybe never offered computerized wheel alignment before, or those who are simply working to a budget and looking for something 'entry-level' at a great price! In fact, this great value aligner is so well priced it even puts it within the reach of the hobbyist, race team or club.

Using an ingenious 'hang-on' clamp design, set up is both extremely fast and about as simple as it gets. A comprehensive vehicle database provides the necessary data and readings and adjustments can be seen live on screen as they happen. A PC, printer, and calibration kit are included in the package!

A great way to get into alignment, the WA40 is the perfect choice for anybody looking for a low-cost system from a name you can trust.

Technical Specifications
Technical DataAccuracyTotal Measuring Range
Front Axle
Toe+/- 1'+/- 24°
Camber+/- 1'+/- 10°
Caster+/- 2'+/- 20°
Steering Axle Inclination+/- 2'+/- 20°
Set-Back+/- 1'+/- 10°
Rear Axle
Toe+/- 1'+/- 24°
Camber+/- 1'+/- 10°
Set-Back+/- 1'+/- 10°
Thrust Angle+/- 1'+/- 10°
  • 110v
  • Includes Calibration Bar
  • Includes Four (4) Lightweight, Hang-On Wheel Clamps
Asymmetric vs. Symmetric
Cut Out The Middleman's Profits!

Our top of the line Atlas® EDGE 501 machine sells for about $12,000. The BIG NAME competition's top of the line alignment machines sell for over $25,000. What value do you receive when you pay two times the money for a Big RED alignment machine?

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