Atlas® WB49 Self-Calibrating Computer Wheel Balancer

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The Atlas® WB-49 computer wheel balancer incorporates all the great features (AND MORE) of the Atlas® WB-41 computer wheel balancer. All truck and car computer wheel balancers require the input of three different measurements; rim width, rim diameter, and distance of mounted wheel assembly from the computer wheel balancer. The Atlas® WB-41 requires the operator to manually enter these three parameters. The Atlas® WB49 requires the operator to enter ONLY the wheel width data. The other two parameters are entered automatically when the distance gauge (located near the balancer's mounting shaft) is extended to contact the inside of the mounted wheel assembly.

"Split-Weight" Feature:
The WB-49 has the automatic data entry feature not found on the Atlas® WB-41 . The measuring guide rod for the automatic data entry is also used to determine the placement of wheel weights when used with the " split-weight " feature of the WB-49. The WB-41 does not have the split weight feature programmed into its software.

Many custom rims have decorative spokes and certain customers do not want any wheel weights to be " seen " on these fancy wheels. The only place to " hide " the stick-on weights is behind the spokes of the wheel.

The "split-weight" feature allows the operator to " split " the correct amount of weight and " hide " these weights behind the spokes. The measuring guide rod is used to pinpoint the placement of the weights and the WB-49's software determines the amount of weight that needs to be applied.

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Atlas® WB49 Specifications
Max Tire Diameter39"
Rim Sizes (cars and light trucks)10"-32" *
Rim Width1 ½"-20"
Shaft Size40mm
Max. Wheel Weight150 LBS.
Balancing Speed150 R.P.M
Automatic Data EntryYES Watch Video
Truck Adapter SetOptional
Warranty1 year limited
Shipping Weight380 LBS.
Power Supply110V 1Ph
Motor¼ HP
DisplayStandard or Metric
Accuracy1 g
Weight Position Resolution1.4 Degrees
Self CalibrationYES

* Requires manual input of some data from 23"-32".
Manuals/Assembly Guides
Atlas® WB49 Quick Start Guide1.4 MB13View
Atlas® WB49 Manual2.9 MB28View
Atlas® WB49 Parts List353 KB15View

How To Calibrate The Atlas® WB49 Wheel Balancer
Atlas® WB49 Data Entry

  • Higher, easy to read display
  • Large weight tray
  • Automatic positioning where to apply weights.
  • Automatic and pedal operated brake.
  • Automatic start/stop when hood is lowered/raised.
  • Static and dynamic balancing modes.
  • Rapid optimization (OPT)
  • Self-diagnosis
  • Self-calibration
  • Exceptional stability in reading the unbalance between planes.
  • Display in grams or ounces, in mm or inches.
  • No anchor-down installation needed.
  • Shipping Weight: 380 LBS.

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