Atlas® WBT-210 Computer Truck Tire Wheel Balancer with Wheel Lift

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The Atlas® WBT-210 truck tire wheel balancer is one of the best values in large truck tire computer balancers sold. This truck tire wheel balancer is priced thousands of dollars less than the Big Name brand truck tire wheel balancers and offers the same accuracy and reliability as the rest of the Atlas® wheel balancer products.

The Atlas® WBT-210 is the perfect wheel balancer for those shops that want one balancer that can balance a 14 inch steel rim up to and including a 300 pound semi-truck tire. There are many large (32 inch) custom wheels and over-sized " gumbo-mudders " that can easily be balanced on the Atlas® WBT-210 computer wheel balancer.

The Atlas® WBT-210 is the perfect computer spin balancer for those trucking companies that operate everything from passenger cars to light trucks to over the road semi tractor/ trailer rigs. The 40 mm heavy duty shaft accommodates the standard mounting cones for most cars and pickup trucks. There are several large truck adapters included with the package that will allow the operator to mount and balance most Budd style wheels.

The Atlas® WBT-210 is a very simple, yet sophisticated wheel balancer. Each electrical component part is virtually "plug and play" so repair is easy when it is time to replace parts. The Atlas® WBT-210 is capable of self-diagnosing problems and displays error codes so the operator can make the necessary adjustments or repairs in his own shop. There is no need to wait for the high priced service technician to visit your store. The simplicity of the Atlas® WBT-210, both in ease of use and ease of repair, make this balancer the perfect choice for your shop.

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Atlas® WBT-210 Specifications
Max Tire Diameter47"
Rim Sizes (cars and light trucks)10"-32"
Rim Width1 ½"-20"
Shaft Size40mm
Max. Wheel Weight440 LBS.
Balancing Speed150 R.P.M For Car Mode
90 R.P.M. For Truck Mode
Automatic Data EntryNO
Truck Adapter SetIncluded
Warranty1 year limited
Shipping Weight725 LBS.
Power Supply2 HP 220V +/- 5% (209-231volts) 1 phase.
A 30 amp breaker is required.
Motor1/3 HP
DisplayStandard or Metric
Accuracy1 g For Car Mode
10 g For Truck Mode
Weight Position Resolution1.4 Degrees
Self CalibrationYES
Air Supply115PSI to 145PSI
Manuals/Assembly Guides

Atlas® WBT-210 Quickstart Guide1.4 MB17View
Atlas® WBT-210 Manual2.3 MB26View
Atlas® WBT-210 Parts Catalog (Version 1)1.2 MB26View
Atlas® WBT-210 Parts Catalog (Version 2)1 MB18View


Atlas® WBT-210 Truck Tire Wheel Balancer
How to Calibrate an Atlas® WBT-210 Truck Tire Wheel Balancer
(With a 22.5" Steel Wheel and Tire)

How to Calibrate an Atlas® WBT-210 Truck Tire Wheel Balancer
(With a 15" Steel Wheel and Tire)

  • Cone sets for car and light truck tires
  • Cone and spacer set for truck, bus, or implement tires
  • Quick release nut
  • Heavy duty steel wing nut
  • 220 Volt (single phase) Motor
  • Pneumatic wheel lift
  • Protective hood
  • Shipping Weight: 725 lb.
  • Shipping Dimensions: 52" x 52" x 45"

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