Ben Pearson TD3 3" Die Set

Product Code: #PB-TD3
Operator convenience is the name of the game in the exhaust industry. The quicker the job, the more profit you can make.
At Greg Smith Equipment Sales, we understand this and it is for this very reason that we are proud to offer the TD3 3" tooling die set from Ben Pearson.
The TD3 dies are specifically designed for maximum speed and versatility. Unlike other such dies, you won't find any bolts, pins or pusher blocks to slow you down.
Ben Pearson 61120 TD3 3" Die Set Specifications

629995" Radius Die
630003" Back Shoes (2 Required)
61550Expander 2 5?8" to 3"
  • 5" Radius Die
  • 3" Back Shoes (2 Required)
  • Expander 2 5/8" to 3"
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