BigFoot Rubber Garage Floor Tile - White

Product Code: #HTRT-BRWHITE


Greg Smith Equipment Sales:
USA distributor for Big Foot Tile.

Big Foot Tile is the perfect choice for an extraordinary floor in a minimum amount of time and effort.

Big Foot Tile is priced much lower than other modular flooring, yet offers the same great features as the
"high priced" tile.

  • Rubber Coin Pattern Garage Floor Tile
  • BigFoot Tile can customize any floor!
  • Easy to assemble, no tools required!
  • Durable, Slip-Resistant, Stain-Resistant
  • Supports your vehicle's weight
  • Professional look and feel of tile that cost much more!
  • High Quality and Professional Performance
  • 1/4" Thick
  • Weight: 24 oz

  • With BigFoot Tile you can create your own unique floor style.You can combine multiple colors and pattern combinations to create the look you desire.

    Are you a sports fan? Combine colors of your favorite NASCAR driver, Football, Basketball or Baseball team.

    Miss the old college days? Bring your school colors into your garage with BigFoot Tile!

    With our easy to assemble locking system the floor tiles simply lock together and remain in place until you decide to change patterns or move your new floor to a different location.

    BigFoot Rubber Tile is very easy to assemble. No tools, glue or any other form of adhesive is required.

    The computer designed support system provides an adequate base for heavy loads, yet offers an anti-fatigue tiled floor that works great for garages, showrooms and trade shows.

    Each tile measures 13.1" x 13.1", making the tile "Bigger Than A Foot" square.
    Each tile is 1/4 " thick and weighs 24 oz.

    With BigFoot Rubber Tile you don't need ramp edging! Simply take a sharp utility knife and cut the easy to assemble locking system connector for a more finished look.

    BigFoot Rubber Tile is available in seven popular colors.

    Big Foot Tile takes the term "Putting Perfume on a Porcine" to a new level. You can make the nastiest surface look brand new!

    Call today for your sample kit of Big Foot Tile and start to imagine how our easy to use modular floor systems can make any floor surface look wonderful!

    DISCLAIMER:Adhesive or other means of anchor may need to be used if Bigfoot Tile is being used on floors that are particularly smooth, such as floors that are polished or coated with epoxy. Greg Smith Equipment Sales is not responsible for damage caused if Bigfoot Tile is not installed properly.

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