CCD Alignment Systems VS. 3D Alignment Systems

Definition of CCD:
Stands for "Charged Coupled Device." CCDs are sensors used in digital cameras and video cameras to record still and moving images. The CCD captures light and converts it to digital data that is recorded by the camera. For this reason, a CCD is often considered the digital version of film.

Buying an alignment machine? Lets use some common sense and compare a value priced CCD alignment system to a much more expensive 3-D alignment system.

3D technology is NOT a better technology than CCD technology... it is simply a different technology. See a side-by-side comparison here.

3D alignment measurement is not a NEW technology. It has existed since 1995. The CCD optical alignment measuring system (Atlas® 401) is not a NEW technology. It was first used in 1990. Both technologies have been improved but neither technology is NEW.

There appear to be no practical advantages to using the 3D type of alignment system over the CCD:

The 3D alignment system does not align the vehicle faster than the CCD system. The Atlas® CCD systems can be set up and provide accurate vehicle measurements in under 5 minutes.
The 3D alignment system does not align a larger variety of vehicles. Our CCD systems will align all the vehicles that the 3D system will align plus many more. Many vehicles are too large for the 3D to align on the average size alignment lift rack. Our CCD systems will align large vehicles on a larger lift or on a (fairly) level floor or parking lot. We can align larger and more specialized vehicles than most 3-D alignment systems.
The 3D will not save the shop owner money on maintenance costs. Our system can use a non-proprietary replacement PC, monitor, printer, keyboard... if these components ever need to be replaced the owner can source them locally.
  • The 3-D alignment system does not have a larger vehicle data base... we have over 90,000 vehicles in our data base.

  • 3-D technology does not align the car more accurately. Testing has proven that in most cases our Atlas® (401) CCD machines are more accurate. Our measuring sensors attach directly to the object we are measuring. (vehicle wheel). The 3D alignment system takes an image of a target mounted to the wheel and uses software to determine the wheel position.

    Simple Question: How do you generate the extra income needed offset the extra thousands of dollars you paid (or will pay) for a 3D alignment system?

    1. Can you do more alignments per day, which would generate more income?
    NO. We know (and can document) that the Atlas® CCD system is just as fast (and as accurate) as the 3D alignment systems.

    2. Can you do alignments on a larger variety of vehicles to generate extra income?
    NO, we know (and can prove) that the Atlas® will handle a larger variety of vehicles.