Completely Wireless Bluetooth® Sensors

Attach the completely wireless eight (8) pound sensors (communicate with each other via Bluetooth® communication) to the clamp system. This communication is so stable that back up cables are not needed. The operator can begin the alignment program from any sensor head. The control panel on each sensor head eliminates the need to walk to and from the console. The CCD measuring system is absolutely super accurate and the front and rear camber and toe (with thrust) are measured automatically.

The Caster and SAI turning routine requires less than 10 seconds and the complete diagnosis is displayed for both axles on all the sensors and console.

All sensors tell the operator if the angle is within specifications, making the additional cost of a rear remote unnecessary.

The alignment program is so simple that the operator needs only to push four (color-coded) arrow buttons located on each sensor to navigate the entire program. The same four color coded arrow button keys are also located on the console.

These sensors are so durable that breakdowns and down time are not an issue.