Deluxe Software

Program lets you choose between trucks, trailers, busses, coaches, light trucks and more. Also allows you to choose between 2,3,4, or 5 axle vehicles. Aligns all types of vehicles with precision accuracy and efficiency.

Quality and Reliability:
Several BIG BRAND alignment manufacturers try to intimidate or scare customers into believing that if you don't buy their red BIG BRAND alignment machine, then you will never have future service or updates. We smile (loudly) at these ridiculous claims. The price of tire changers and wheel balancers has gone down dramatically over the past 5 years. Why has the price of alignment equipment remained so high? One reason, the alignment machine market is dominated by only one "player" that has kept the price of alignment equipment "artificially" inflated. Most alignment shops do not make their money by strictly doing the alignments. These shops make their money by "hanging parts" and then doing the alignment. Speed and accuracy combined with a small initial investment make the Atlas brand far superior to other machines.

Many service shops are afraid to buy any other brand of alignment machine other than the BIG BRAND machine, because they believe that all the "good alignment techs" have only used the BIG BRAND alignment equipment and will not use a "No-Name" brand. Well, the Atlas brand is made by a manufacturer that has been making alignment instrumentation for the past 38 years.